Where are you?

Last Update: Aug 22, 2020

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Where is everyone?

I am concerned because usually my mail box is full of blog posts by now and yet nobody is writing blogs. I know I need to add to the blog boxes as well. Was I shunned because I havent blooged in awhile? I certainly hope not.

Good news.

One of my recipes got indexed the other day. I am sure it was because of the description of the recipe that got indexed but I was so happy that it got indexed, no matter the reason. Can anyone give me ideas on how to blog about recipes? I have written some blogs already but cant think of anything else to blog about them. Any ideas are appreciated.

The end.

I know this was a short blog but I was wondering where everyone is. I guess you are busy and I wanted some ideas if you could give me some on how to blog on recipes.

Have a great weekend.


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Very nice, indeed, Gena! Jeff

I haven't written a blog post for a few days. The backspace key on my laptop doesn't work and I have a new keyboard ordered.

Not going to write a post on my phone

You haven't been shunned. I have only gotten a few today, myself.

Congratulations keep up the great work

You could incorporate benefits to some of the ingredients in a given recipe.


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