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Hi I am Gee,
I am so glad to be here. I am an animal activist, animal lover, and animal supporter. I have had several different careers. My first was a Forester. First female in my state to get a degree and the first female hired in a big Forestry Corp. My next adventure was management- retail and restaurant. Then I moved on to learning everything computer while getting my Paralegal degree. 6 years ago my life was stripped from me due to Cancer. So for the past 2 years I have started focusing on all my careers and decided to learn internet marketing from the inside/out. I have always been involved with animal protection. So my plans are to become a super affiliate marketer in all the niches I have experienced in my life. I look forward to the meet, greet, and absorb all the knowledge I can, to help others and to help myself. Follow me if you want to learn everything I plan to learn.!
These are the sites I made with WA! Check them out and leave a comment please. http://www.easyfurbabies.com and http://www.tools4yoursuccess.com
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My $ goal is millions
I have every waking hour to contribute to my goal
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Dec 19, 2016
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Geerie Premium
My $ goal is millions
I have every waking hour to contribute to my goal
Imoltz Premium
I would love to see you make that happen. Good Luck on your endeavors
Kyle Premium Plus
I absolutely know this is possible and with the community that you have behind you here at Wealthy Affiliate along with all the tools, training, support and help you have available to you, I fully believe you are going to achieve all of your goals and then some!

I look forward to working with you Wanda and seeing these goals become a reality. :)
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Maja977 Premium
Hi Gee! Thank you for the follow. I am also animal lover. Nice to meet you and best wishes for your online business.
See you around.
sandel Premium
Hello Geerie, nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow.
LisB247 Premium
Hi Gee, thank you for including me in your network. Wishing you great success with all your online business ventures.

All the best.

WillingToTry Premium
Hi Geerie,
Thank you so much for the follow and I want to let you know that I am following you back I found your profile very interesting I also love all animals although I would say I tend to focus on dogs and cats, in particular the latter. Keep up the good work on animal protection which is something that our world sorely needs today!

From me and Tiger (Bengal cat!)
academyofspi Premium
Hi Gee, you sound like a very interesting lady, I am so glad that you found me and followed me. I'm thrilled to be following you. I wish you the very best in your adventures here at WA and everything else in life.
-Wendy Mae