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Last Update: Jan 6, 2023

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Hey everyone, Not too long ago, it's been one month since I became a member here on Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason that got me here in the first place is I was looking for ways to make money online. I have been dealing with depression and looking for a way to get out by doing something rewarding.

I wanted to get out of the 9 to 5. I can only see myself living like that once I grow old and it's too late to do what I want to do in my life.

I have a young daughter and a wife, and I want to spend as much time as possible with them and experience what life has to give.

I stumbled on a blog talking about WA. What stuck with me the most was the free membership you can experience at first. I don't have a lot of money, and I don't want to throw it away just to be scammed, so a free membership made me tell myself I could try and then see if it is what they are saying WA is.

It was a big step for me, but I subscribed the same day or the day after. I regret nothing. The people here are beneficial, and everyone wants to see the others being successful, which is motivational to continue.

Okay, so for my website, here are some details. Keep in mind I am NEW, and maybe the stats that I will give will tell you nothing, so please don't be harsh if it's the case.

I have only one website and will continue that way. My niche will never die, in my opinion, because I chose something that

-I like

-Made sure it had plenty of content to discuss

-I know the targeted audience because I am myself

-Its something that is only getting bigger

Money made for now

Nothing. Nada. Niet. Zero

I made 14 $ on Amazon affiliate, but it wasn't things from my niche, so I don't know where that comes from, but I wouldn't count that as money made because it's outside my niche.

From everything I read here on WA, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and they said it in the early stage of the training. And that was another thing why I chose WA because they were honest from the start.

To make money, you must work hard on your website and keep going.

Somedays, I tell myself, will it really give something, and maybe I am doing all this for nothing?

I know that I have to keep pushing and working hard.


For now I am at 90% of the training and try to do it as much as possible everyday. If I am not doing that I am researching words or subject in my niche like new things coming and what not.

The training in my opinion is well done. Certain part I would maybe remake them but overall you can follow it step by step and things will be good.

Website "Stats"

In total I have written 19,795 words

I have 5 Pages and 22 post made.

I keep trying to focus on search word that are under 50 QSR and above 90 for SEO.

The way I do this I research on a topic on my niche and then try to write as much as possible in the post while targeting other words I know my targeted audience will search for in the post.

Google Search Console Stats

Total Web Search Links: 13

Indexed Pages: 22

Not indexed (Asked google to index them; still waiting on the report): 11

Total Impressions: 733

Google Analytics Stats

Users: 119

Sessions: 145

Bounce Rate: 67.59%

I have a few posts that ranked for other search terms that I didn't write for but are still relevant to my niche, so I am happy with that.

Affiliate programs

I am in the Amazon affiliate program, but I want to focus more on other I will find.

I am also affiliated with two websites in my niche, and I can build different posts or reviews with them.

My long-term goals

I would love for this to be my full-time job someday. I already have multiple ideas about where I want it to go, and I could really build something big with what I am doing.

I must keep doing it, and even when I feel down, I must push through it and focus on this long-term goal.

Thank you to everyone who helped me, and I can't wait to know more of you and work toward everyone being successful here.

Like I said I am new and this was my experience here in my first month so don't take anything as advice.

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I think that you are doing very well, so far, Gate! Keep moving forward,my friend!


Thank you, Jeff!

You're very welcome, Gate!


Sounds like you are making excellent progress to me Gaetan!

Very well done my friend and keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you for your time!

You're most welcome my friend!

Well done for 1 month in.

Thank you!


This is such amazing new.
Congratulations on your 1st month at Wealthy Affiliate. Love your clear mindset and determination moving forward. Yahoo! You are gaining momentum. WA2GO!


Thank you so much Rachele!

You have done an excellent job! Congratulations and all the best to you moving forward!


Thank you so much


Appreciate it. Thank you!


So, we've started at the same time and I have to tell you that it's totally okay, you have a growing website, a market full of people that wants to spend their money, and a will to succeed :D

Keep holding on, stick to the money that already made it, trust it and enjoy.

I'm with you and I wish you those neverending incomes that are waiting for you!


Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I wish the same things to you, my friend.

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