Sometimes We Could All Use Useful Tips and Tricks

Last Update: May 23, 2017

When you're feeling under the weather,

Don't focus on it and it will get better.

You have a healing power within,

And positive thoughts can make you win.

OK Coffee Lovers... Have an apple instead!

Keep a cucumber handy at all times. Who knows when you'll need to erase a mistake!

Having trouble finding the end of the tape, try using a bread tab or a paper clip to hold the spot!

This is a great idea to keep your valuables safe at the beach. I would add some tissues or crumbled up paper to stop the items like coins and keys from jingling around.

Another reason to keep cucumbers on hand. Ants hate them! Ants also hate mint. If you buy some mint tea, make your tea and drink it but don't throw away the tea bag. Dry it out and open it and put the ground tea leaves in a tiny bowl or something and leave them in your kitchen in an out of the way spot. You will not have a single ant in your house. At least it's been working for me now for 2 years.

I'm trying to overcome an obstacle today and yesterday and I've just got to get over it. It's in the BootCamp, I'm on the video lesson. For some reason, I have a fear and I don't feel confident about it yet. Just a little bump in the road...

Here's a picture my daughter painted which really helps.

So I will gather up my faith and tackle this fear. I thought about going around it but that's not the right way to go. I need to get over the fear and face the video's lesson. I need to make it my favorite thing to do and get good at it because if Kyle has it in the training, then it is important.

Today is going to be an amazing day!!!

P. S. I figured out the gif thing. You need to post it in it original size. I'm going to repost my "Today is a special day" post (when I finished the Certification training) with the gifs at their right size so you can see the fireworks going off!

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JulieHarris Premium
Gina, what an inspiring post! Thank you so much for sharing - this started my day with a smile!
gbsun Premium
It makes me smile knowing you liked it! Thank you Julie! :)
MKearns Premium
Adaptability and cukes can solve anything Gina!
gbsun Premium
That's true Mike. Thank you! :)
GlenPalo Premium
Great tips, Gina!
gbsun Premium
Thank you Glen, I'm happy you like them! :)
Loes Premium
Lovely, another useful tip, make your mobile phone water resistant
Put it in a condom and tie a knot;) You still can swipe:))
gbsun Premium
That's so awesome! Still swipes is even a bonus! Thanks Loes! :)
onmyownterms Premium
Love these, thanks for sharing.
gbsun Premium
Thanks Mel, I'm happy you like it!
Gina :)