Frustration or Disgust

Last Update: October 01, 2016


Well firstly, I would like to say Hello and Thank You to My 1908 Followers. Today is Oct 1 2016 and once again, my monthly membership is due. Next week, I am starting a new job with a better hourly rate and a more stable amount of hours. Currently, I am so far behind financially, that I think I'm first. I'm not sure if that was a whine or a rant just now.

Speaking of first, my intention will be to purchase my yearly membership, so that I will not have to write this Blog again, apologizing to our wonderful community, that I,m getting shut down again.(Man I really despise this Oil and Gas Industry when it shuts down and does A FINANCIAL DUMP ON US)

Thank you again for all your support and friendship. Please do not give up on me, because I'm not gone, I'm just sitting on the bench, watching but not allowed to play.

Take care everyone.


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Timea Premium
Don't think about it Gary, just do it! That's the secret to it! If we keep "thinking" we never have enough time to live it :)
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hi Gary, sorry to hear about the situation, hoping the new opportunity is what can help you. We're here anytime to help you with your online business should you need it!
LizPB Premium
It'll all work out. Believe it and it will!

All the best and see you soon!
PMbaluka Premium
I'm sorry for that bro all is well.
yanxell Premium
So sad. But I understand you I have been on that bench the past two or three months and now I am back. I know you will be back too. Hope you can resolve things and get back on the game soon.

It is sad but is like this because most of us that get to know WA is because we have financial troubles and we are looking for an extra income. Then whe began to work here on a tight budget. But as always we know if we keep working and pushing trough, things will get better again.

See you soon and take care.