Need Help with Web Design? You Might Want to Check This Out

Last Update: March 31, 2014

Hey there, fellow WA'ers!

Okay, I'm hoping this is okay to share with you, but if not, I'll soon find out from the powers of K & C.

Earlier today, errr, no!That was yesterday...I read a blog here at WA... lol, now from who I just can't think of at the moment...I really need to get some sleep..but, anyways, this has been on my mind since I came across it and...

Well, what I'm trying to say is I came across a blog here about Web Design and it mentioned a book called "Design for Hackers" by David Kadavy.

To make a long story short, I looked it up and came across something I think may be helpful to many of us that need advice in the web design department. Yours truly included.

So, I signed up for it and thought I'd share the link if anyone else is interested in learning more about web design. It's a free 12-week email course from what I understand right from David Kadavy. Sounds cool, right?

Now, I've got to say I do not know how good it is since I just signed up for it myself...since it's free, I thought I'd check it out and see how it goes.

I'm in no way affiliated with this but, I thought it'd be helpful, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Okay already! Here it is

I do hope you find it helpful and I'll be checking it out more myself in the weeks to come since as far as I understand it's a 12-week course. So, now I'm just waiting to see what happens next with it and as soon as I know more, I'll post more about it.

Anyone else here already heard of this course? Read the book? I haven't yet, but it sounds helpful, so I'd like to know what opinions anyone else may have on it.

Have a good night folks! Errrr, morning!? Best wishes to all ;)

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Fred Chong Premium
Thanks for the info, will check it out!
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Fred,
No problem, and I hope you find it helpful to you. Best wishes! :) -Sherry
Trialynn Premium
I do not think there can be any harm in checking it out. Thanks for the share!
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Terea,
You're welcome. Hopefully, it'll help people out anyways. I hated not to share something that could be of help to others since it's free to sign up. Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you have a great day and as for me, I better get a few hours of sleep in, lol.
Best wishes! :) -Sherry
Trialynn Premium
I already have my beginning stuff, looks exciting! Thanks again Sherry, rest well or good morning if you read this tomorrow!
gusti Premium
hi Sherry, thanks so much for this, I guess I will follow your step then. Seems very interesting! I also noticed : Kadavy and 'hackers'? I just crack my face in two, Sherry! I also noticed lately that : people that trying to do good by shares some links must write 'I'm not affiliated with this'.. I'll keep in mind, Sherry. Thanks!
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Gusti,
No problem, I hope it helps you out too. Haha, I got a laugh out of that name too. I figured I should share it since it seems like a good thing as far as I know, but I guess we'll see how it goes hey?

As far as writing the "I'm not affiliated with this" I've noticed that too, but I don't know if we have to or not. I figured either way, I wanted everyone to know that it's not an affiliate link and just something I "found" when looking up the book name and author, which was mentioned by nomda ploom here at WA.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm always glad to hear from you. Best wishes! :) -Sherry
Kav Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Freedomseekr Premium
You're welcome Kav, and I hope it helps you out. Best wishes :) -Sherry
nomda ploom Premium
It was me, and I am glad that the David K thing smacked you in the eyes too. It is not a coffee table book it is for reference and the gentlest of routes in to design elements.
Having read it, I noticed all elements of design in even the least likely of places- it is truly an eye opener.

Thanks for your post- Andy
Freedomseekr Premium
Haha, now I remember! I've been up for far too long yet again and when I started writing this, I couldn't think for the life of me. What blog was it, who was it now?...darn it, I gotta get this done! Whew! I'm glad you chimed in...I think my brain was starting to smoke trying to get it working, lol.

Anyways, thanks again for pointing me in that direction, and it sure sounds like something I should read too.
Best wishes to you! :) -Sherry