Never have I been a part of a group of people who were as willing to give you a gracious hand (regarding issues, concerns and things in general) as our folks do and are doing. If I had to pay for all the help I have gotten (in the last five months) from our community I would have been broke a long time ago.

Do you agree, disagree or fall somewhere in between?

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nunezr5 Premium
bbyard Premium
Agree 100%
BVOMDaily Premium
The Best of The Best!
Thank you Larry!
asheen127 Premium
This is the best group I have been in. I have tried out many and I have stayed here because of the help we give each other. My life is extremely busy outside of this. I really have gone months without any activity. The best part about it is I can come back to the tutorials or lessons and pick up where I left off or review something I forgot.
percispapa Premium
This is the best place to be.
chuka Premium
Absolutely agree Larry. It is a community like no other. Thank you for flagging that up :)
catlady13 Premium
In the 2 months I have been here, I am amazed at how much help I've gotten from others! It's phenomenal!
NWTDennis Premium
Hey Larry,

Nice to hear from you. Doing a quick scroll I don't think I saw anyone who didn't agree with you. What would be even more interesting is if everyone would specify their top 3 to 5 reasons for agreeing. Ok ... I'll start:

1. Kyle & Carson ... enough said
2. The formal training plan ... thank you Kyle
3. The tutorial training backup ... thank you community
4. The content and technology of the platform ... thank you Carson
5. The continuous improvement mindset of K&C giving us a continuous stream of value added platform features
6. Jay's webinars - I call them the Advanced Course
7. And, of course, the community ... as Larry described above

Ok ... Ok ... I'll stop!
XrissyBoros Premium
yesssss I agree :) help a lot and all of us are awesome:)))
Swangirl Premium Top 100
I absolutely agree!
BarbJaeb Premium
XrissyBoros Premium
Is really a great community and before I didn't t believe that I will be so much helped :))) A big.. THANKS :))
Cavan Premium
I agree ....wa great community for sure.
LynneHuy Premium Top 50
Yes I very much agree!
Jim-Bo Premium Ambassador
me too
mattmike7 Premium
I certainly have gotten my share of help, hopefully in the future I can be on the giving end. Thanks for the comment. Deanna