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Yes, my site at has numerous high quality products and services for the disabled. Many related and non-related ideas and resources are also there. Finally, in a few weeks I will have the GRAND OPENING. Before I do, however, would like your input regarding the construction and content. Both pros and cons are most welcome. I am striving for the #1 mobility related site on the Net and I can't do it without your additional input. THANKS so much! You can make suggest
My site at needs a few generous (Pay It Forward Folks?) WAU'ers to contribute one or more of the above or anything else that you feel is unique, interesting, funny, challenging etc. Please visit my Unique-Fun page at and you will better understand my request. They can be written in the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of the Unique-fun page. Thanks Larry
Yes, My site at is about 70-80% complete and I need highly skilled help and guidance in finishing it. I do have some Word Press and HTML skills but not enough to finish my site on my own. The site is under construction but viewable. Very limited funds prevent me from obtaining regular professional help. So if you have the skill, time and interest please Private Message me to freedomforus or email me "" Thanks so much Larry freedomforus
Going to my site at, and watching a brief video is quick, easy and guaranteed to provide you with a gigantic SHOT of INSPIRATION . While there (or Private Message me) I would also appreciate a suggestion or two as to how I can improve my almost finished site. Could it be your Pay It Forward good deed for the day? Thanks Larry freedomforus
My website at is nearing completion. I have evaluated the company and site of my potential distributor of goods. They seem to be a very fine company with a great variety of mobility boosting products (My Niche). I got to thinking that it should not be me (I do not have a disability) evaluating this company and their products but rather some folks who have a disability. So... would you be willing to go visit their site and give me some feedback as to what you think abo
Hi. I am putting the finishing touches on my website in the coming week or so. I feel very good about everything however I think that my grammar, punctuation and usage of words could be better. If you are an English teacher or feel that you are "an expert" proofreader and have the time and interest to closely proofread my 7 pages. (6-700 words a page) and make suggestive ideas for betterment I would certainly Thanks Larry freedomforus PS I am a struggling senior on a fixe
Yep! I have a web site a that is under construction( but viewable.) I'm without the skills to finish it , broke but highly motivated to start serving our disabled in their quest to find and acquire high quality, reasonably priced goods and services. Doing so would also help reduce my own financial issues. It has taken me far too long to get rolling. Playing it by the seat of my pants just has not worked. I want to learn needed Word Press techniques (I have learn
If you have - don't be shy and tell me (below) and 10,000+ WAUers about them. If you haven't done one or more today WHATCHA WAITIN ON!!! PS The FREE and rewarding site address of the "The Pay It Forward" global concept is: Many Thanks! Larry freedomforus
Super-generous WAUers are most willing willing to share 2-3 or more of their favorite quotes. If that is you there is available space below for your contribution. I will kick it off with my 2 favorites. And, they are: (1) "If it's to be, it's up to me." William H. Johnsen on Self-reliance and (2) "The starting point of all achievement is desire." Napoleon Hill on Success. Thanks so much. Larry freedomforus A daily practitioner and promoter of the FREE and rewarding "Pay It F
If you are ever feeling (or not feeling) a little down and need a quick, FREE, boost read a few quotes (10 ?) about "Success" and/or "Failure". Works wonders for your soul. is the place to go. This site is amazing. 100's of different categories (like Success and Failure) written by 100's of famous and not so famous authors. They are all FREE, alphabetized and no catches. Now - please check it out. It you liked it please, below, tell me ( and 10,00 other WAUers) why. I