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Last Update: January 28, 2016

My understanding about CAPTCHA is just a "Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." - it's an Anti-spam designed to keep your website safe from robots, these are automated programs a.k.a. bots and scripts that pretend to act like a human.

Their common manifestations come in as spam comments which we can read and tell easily. If ever these spams have any malicious intent apart from filling up our comment spaces, that may not be known immediately.

We must give credit to the CAPTCHA team who has to continuously work hard to combat the spam scourge. CAPTCHA has released a more advanced version, namely reCAPTCHA is posing a bigger challenge to users who must first answer the more difficult challenge question correctly before they are allowed to submit their comments or filled-up forms.

On the dark side, the spam artists are deploying Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology to decipher the most difficult CAPTCHA code or image(may even be illegible to an intelligent human) with unprecedented accuracy. It follows that the usual CAPTCHA's Turing test and its variants are no longer dependable.

To combat the above AI robots as well as to provide ease-of-use, CAPTCHA has now reinvented itself with a more sophisticated reCAPTCHA. It does away the need for users to decipher complex CAPTCHA code or image, they just have to click to prove that they are "not a robot".

If you have already installed more than ten plugins in your website, adding a reCAPTCHA plugin will likely zap away your web performance. While No CAPTCHA reCAPTHA may "Stop scam.Read books" (reCAPTCHA's punch line) and helps you to attract more website comments and responses, for the average website owners, I have a simpler solution for you...

Here you go: "Bye! Captcha"

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AnnieB Premium
I'm glad it's changing. I struggled even as (obviously) a human to figure out some of the captcha code.
Maxiam59 Premium
I think that would definitely be beneficial all the best Max
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing this information with us Fred, very interesting. Keep it coming.
Fred Chong Premium
Hi Katie, Google owns reCAPTCHA and I think it's rather new - at least I have not found any such Plugin yet. I don't venture into new "technology" immediately but one can opt to [Register] reCAPTCHA from Google. I did hint of sharing a proven and simple anti-spam solution in my next blog. I'd suggest you stay tuned. Thank you.
KatieMac Premium
I have seen this on some sites thank you for this update, have they updated their plugin in then