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January 28, 2016
My previous 2 blogs were about CAPTCHA and its new cousin reCAPTCHA. If you have not heard of the latter, that's ok, for it is kind of too sophisticated for me to understand. Typically, it's Google stuff.CAPTCHA has been the default must-have "Comment" anti-spam taught in Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a newbie, no worries, you will be taught using something just as effective to block all unwelcome comments on your blog, without the need for CAPTCHA.If CAPTCHA means CATCHUP to you now, please do
January 27, 2016
My understanding about CAPTCHA is just a "Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." - it's an Anti-spam designed to keep your website safe from robots, these are automated programs a.k.a. bots and scripts that pretend to act like a human.Their common manifestations come in as spam comments which we can read and tell easily. If ever these spams have any malicious intent apart from filling up our comment spaces, that may not be known immediately.We must give credit to the CAPTCHA team who
What is CAPTCHA (an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart")? You are asked to decipher and enter the CAPTCHA code or image on display before you could submit your comment or online form. It is an anti-spam check to making sure you are a human and not a robot.CAPTCHA code comes with many images as can be seen in some examples below:In practice, some of these CAPTCHA images really post more than a challenge to us human as it is too difficult for m
Achtung! This is neither a promise of winfall nor another spam. This is about my niche website. The long break from WA has awaken in me many things, first I spend every waking hour thinking of how I should pick myself up again, next is never to yield to despair (thanks for all those kind words from you, my dear WA community) and started reading, replying, short of returning to my lessons. Nonetheless, I do spend a lot of time doing revisions on my own website.Today, I feel fresh as the first bo
January 12, 2016
I'm back after absent for almost 18 months. Something in life took me away from continuing with WA. I'm still overwhelmed by mixed feelings coming back to visit my blog, my website, and more so my followers at WA. It's like starting all over again for I could not immediately recall how I managed to build my website.It took me a while to recap trying to be in synch with my web presence. First I read all the update notifications from Wordpress, the Plug-ins, SEO etc. I am impressed how WA has imp
There is no typo mistake, I didn't miss typing a "u" after the "Yo". My mind is stuck with Yo recently. After having written 2 posts on Yo, it seems to reverberate inside me. I am probably intoxicated by Yo. I need to get it out by sharing why I love Yo, so much. Yes, "I Love Yo". Before you are bedazzled, let me explains what is Yo. Yo is a free mobile app that you can download from Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play. ...... After you have downloaded and installed Yo, you can SEND a "
I am glad to learn there is a new kid in town that is meant to help us understand our web content better. It is called "Attention Minutes" which explains how to measure the actual attention time given to a piece of content by our web visitor. When you get a new "Pageview", "Click", "Like", or "Share", I want to add a question after you jumped for joy: "Are you sure these new numbers add up to meeting the objective of your content? Or simply in the case of conversion, do they contribute positive
Hello to all my friends, how are you doing? I took a 2 weeks off from my routine with Wealthy Affiliate. I had planned my short break as a leisure business cum holiday trip to another country. I was not completely away from the internet but certainly I was offline with WA. The trip has succeeded in keeping me away from WA as I did not find the time and energy to go online with WA. I used internet to book my tickets and hotels online. I am back and when I finally read my pages of WA emails, it w
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: My sincere thanks to our friend giludi for pointing out an obvious way to get this done. Please check your [Posts] option is switched on by checking the [Screen Option] on your WP top right hand corner. The above will enable you to use your Post as a menu item, the name will follow the name of the Post name by default and you can't change it. If you wish to customize the name of menu item above, then the instruction below for creating the custom Link is still valid. Than
For those of us who are WA Premium Members, we can identify ourselves and would read the title of this blog as "How do we work with Wealthy Affiliate?" I always tried writing my blog to help newbies, the reason is simply I am still new in WA - 4 months and counting. Before I finished Course 4, I thought my training at WA should be done after completing my Course 5. This is not it is supposed to be, the training is to continue while I start monetizing my niche website... The last sentence above