Sometimes It's Hard To Take My Own Advice

Last Update: February 22, 2016

Here I am into my 2nd month & $90.00 as a Premium Member of WA as of 2/15/16 & I've hit a Granite wall. No!! not a brick wall. I have hit one made of solid granite. I'm frustrated at the look of my website. I look at fellow members websites here & they are beautiful, professional looking & I know you all are getting traffic to say the least. I also know you all have the same wordpress, themes & training at your finger tips that I do, but one thing I don't have is creativity. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty darn good drummer & singer. I've had the pleasure of playing with at least 3 inductees into the rock n roll hall of fame. I've played in packed auditoriums. But I can't for the life of me put together a nice website.

On top of that I'm second guessing my niche which is left handed instruments. I can't seem to find many lefty instrument affiliate programs to tap into for product besides Amazon & a few others. Most of my blogs are inspirational in nature. You know, "Don't give up" & "structure your time wisely" "Rome wasn't built in a day" & Thomas edison failed over 1000 times before inventing the lightbulb". I even read through all my previous blogs to get renewed & recharged. Still nothing!!!! I feel overwhelmed, uninspired & don't know how to pick up the pieces & PRESS on. Getting creative with wordpress would be a good start, but I have no ideas for media, or pictures to make it look professional, much less monitize it. I toyed with the idea of hiring somebody to build it for me, but who am I kidding? I barely scraped up enough money to make my premium payment. Someone bring me back to life or put a fork in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Swangirl Premium
Hey Franco, first of all if you go through the training step by step it will be easier. I didn't even realize I had jumped ahead as much as I had. I thought I was behind everyone else on building my site so I stopped the courses and just focused on that. Then I realized many of the road blocks I came across were addressed in the lessons I hadn't reached yet. I made it harder on myself than it needed to be!

I have avoided the picture and rights problem by only using my own pictures so far. That won't work indefinitely but it is so far. I am taking pictures of the products I am promoting with my own cell phone! Take a look at my site (linked on my profile page). I just learned how to add the pictures this week. I have a long ways to go and no affiliates added yet.

Do you have any left handed instruments that you own already? Do you have shop with those instruments locally where you could go in and take pictures?

You could get started by adding pictures of drums if that is your background. Drums are no more right handed than left handed so it would still be appropriate to get you started.

Hang in there!
Franco52 Premium
Thank you for sharing your madvice & experience. I really appreciate it.
2Al Premium
Don't quit. Do one step at a time. Things will get better.
Lizzu Premium
Oh don't give up Franco! You are doing really well!! I've been here three weeks and haven't got even a proper website up yet, just those template frames! I've got billions of ideas that I don't seem to be able to put into practice yet :) We are all different, some of us are visually creative, some of us can write, and some of us are good with technical stuff. You are an excellent writer, I can see that! Yeah sure it helps if you put a few pics in there, you will find some royalty-free pics fairly easy, but since you are a talented writer I'm thinking that maybe you could put a more personal blog in there? It could be really fun, witty and interesting to read about your life as a left-handed musician (which I guess you are?) Start your blog! I would think that's a good way forward, gives a more personal touch and you really have that talent of writing. All the best and a big hug! :)
BradyHarness Premium
Greetings Franco, I know what you mean; I have been struggled with that darn SiteRubix my self and went back to Vista Print where I have created two(2) other sites and they were Easy in comparison. Sure don't want to take away from our WA but some times things sre just easy for some and hard for others and so one needs to work with slightly different tools to get to the same end. Right?
LizPB Premium
Hey Franco. Just checked out your website. Ya, it needs more colour and visuals. Colour can come through visuals. If you've got inspirational blogs, find quotes in those colourful boxes that you can add as pictures. Write blogs about your musical experiences. That would be cool!
Regarding affiliates, nothing for left handed instruments on Amazon? Did you Google it?
I'm just starting out too, but I wanted to try to help you out ;-) Keep at it and best of luck!
Franco52 Premium

Thank you for the reply. i know Amazon has lefthanded instruments & i found 2 other sites that I can affiliate with, by placing their ad banners on my site. they will give me a small commission if anyone purchase something from them via my website. i need to spice up my blog post page with something. I just don't know what & i have to be so careful about pictures I use so I don't infringe on anyone's copyrights. Ugh!!!!!!!!
LizPB Premium level 2 of the training you will find resources and how to add pics to spice up your blogs. Enter free pictures in the question box at the top of the WA page and you'll find more help for sure! Good luck!