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Here I am into my 2nd month & $90.00 as a Premium Member of WA as of 2/15/16 & I've hit a Granite wall. No!! not a brick wall. I have hit one made of solid granite. I'm frustrated at the look of my website. I look at fellow members websites here & they are beautiful, professional looking & I know you all are getting traffic to say the least. I also know you all have the same wordpress, themes & training at your finger tips that I do, but one thing I don't have is creativity.
February 11, 2016
1st of all I want to say thank you so much for those of you who responded to my last blog entitled " It's OK To Take A Break" I honestly didn't think it was all that & a bag of chips, but apparently i struck a nerve with some of you. One response equated me to being some kind of SUPERMAN. I wish I was, but what I can say is that I'm very driven & I have a lot on my plate. in order to accomplish all my goals I have to do 2 things.Work smart. Not hard Spend my time wiselyThe way I see it
February 10, 2016
I have been premium for 2 weeks now. On the 15th of Feb I will pay for my 2nd month. i came in at rank 6247 & 3 weeks later I'm ranking 1277 as I write this blog. So where am I at & how did I get here? Assessment time!!I welcome all new Premium Members every day till I hit my message limit>I have writen 5 blogs thus far. roughly 1 a week. I responded to those who have commented on my blogs or thanked me welcoming themCompleted Certification courses 1 & 2Started building out my we
February 09, 2016
I got a wonderful compliment from someone in my network who comented on my last Blog entitled "Turn Your Passion Into Profits" She said (I'm gonna be awesome at this). well of course I sent sent her a nice thank you reply but it got me to thinking. What we are doing here at WA is a lot like fishing. I love fishing (freshwater mostly). In fact I might make fishing one of my niches.So how is this like fishing? Here is my analagy. The internet is my lake that I am going fishing in. WA (Premium Me
February 08, 2016
What great times we live in & and how smart are we to join a community where you can learn to turn your passion into profits? Very smart I say! Very smart indeed. Here at WA anyone can turn something they love into a source of income. Take a niche any niche & run with it. I'm a professional drummer / singer on the weekends. I can play guitar but not very well. The problem is I'm left handed. Now I have only been premium for about 3 weeks, but I have jumped in WA with both feet first. I
The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Joan of Arc, Ben Franklin, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs. Do any of these names sound familliar? Well if they don't, then you have been hiding under a rock. These are great people in history. Each one of these people in some way changed the coarse of history. Some created Flight, while others created light. some were politicans, some were warriors. But one thing they all had in common is that they were dreamers. Hmmm!!!!! Lets think about that for a
January 28, 2016
So your sick of having a JOB and you want to be your own boss. You decide your going to start an online business. You looked around and found this site called Wealthy Affiliates which looks to be the answer to what your looking for. Well. you are partialy right. You have found the place that will give you all the tools & support you need to be successful. The rest is Totally up to you. you need SKILL & WILL.What do I mean you ask? 1st you need skill. For the newbie, all you need is eno
Unlike working for someone else at a regular job, you become the boss when you start your own online business. Being your own boss is a blessing & a curse. Here is why. When you are your own boss you answer to nobody but yourself therfore you come into work when you want , take breaks when you want & quit when you want. You don't have to dress up to work online. You don't have to fight traffic, find a parking space or deal with the weather. Sounds great right? In theory yes! Not so fast