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Last Update: May 26, 2014

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share my good fortune what would not have been possible without my WA community and Kyle and Carson. Some of you that have read my blogs know I had some success with a combination between what I had learnt from WA and my off line business experience.

How ever this success has really gone to another level after my website has got to page one on . This is important as my clients can only come from the UK for me to make money.

So any new comer or anyone that has not been as lucky as me take note YOU CAN SUCCEED just keep at it and apply the knowledge on here and take notice of the big dogs like Shawn Martin and Boomergp08.

They have much knowledge and are willing to share, This is my website at number 3 on page one. This search term gets 28,276 per month.

Many Thanks


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teacup Premium
Congratulations! It is a good feeling isn't it?
arick Premium
Thanks for sharing!
playa Premium
yujuu! congrats! I'm in pampers (just begining) compare to you, my friend! keep going and let's spread wealth on line!
Skip2tsr Premium
Well Done.
gmegs Premium
That's Excellent Alan!
... I keep plugging along too.