Take the bull by the horns

Last Update: January 23, 2014

"Take the Bull by the Horns", that´s what my Father have told me many times.

Take the bull by the Horns first then you can go on with the easier things, I don´t know if you got same advice in other countries but what he mean was, start with the HARD things then the easier one´s is much more easier to work on with. I am thinking of that when I felt it was too much to do here with too many websites and some lessons left in my boothcamp to get a nice and good WA promote site :)

Take Bull by the horns and, Let´s Go !!


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Jaweda2k Premium
Your dad was a wise man! Great advise! Keep working it!
forsthomas Premium
Yes Jaweda, and he is still Alive he and my mother in the age of 85 and my mom 83, Feels like I have them both on "Overtime" :)
Starcreator Premium
Good advice. If you get tripped up or fall off the bull, get back up and keep trying. It gets better with practice..
Blessings44 Premium
Very good advice!
Wayne Wallace Premium
Another great analogy is Brian Tracey's Eat That Frog Book, same idea
forsthomas Premium
Ok I will save that :)
IslandMike Premium
Brian Tracy often has jewels to share!
terenzia Premium
Very true. Difficult things become easy when you do not give up and keep learning.

Thanks for sharing

forsthomas Premium
tnx for Reading ;)