What happens when we die?

Last Update: March 09, 2015

Hi everyone,

No, this is not an existential question, it is a real one and something that we should all think about. I found an older blog post by Wendy and it got me thinking. Succession planning - have you done it? Should something happen to you, do you have plans in place for ensuring that the income that is generated through your blogs is part of your estate?

Somebody suggested having your WA business set up under a corporation, since when you pass away, the corporation will continue and therefore that revenue stream will then become part of your estate for your beneficiaries. If any of you are like me, you are doing this with the thought of your families as well so that there is a legacy you can leave.

Just something to think about. Have any of you planned ahead for this beyond your regular will? Are the passwords and names of businesses/affiliate links etc. listed somewhere safe with all information?

Okay, not the happiest post, but a very practical one for sure. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Cali Premium
I'm going to go in about 55 to 65 years so I got some time to go but running theme darn jack hammers is whats going to get me to live that long.

Great post, thanks.

wendai Premium
Definitely food for thought. Thank you. Wendy.
Shawn Martin Premium
I think about it every day now that i am getting older.
The wife and I did deal with this last year after I almost died, that was a reality check for sure.
Thanks for posting this important topic.
floridajf Premium
Good point. Never really though about this. Is that a personal photo that you shared with us? It looks very sorrowful. I hope you are in good spirits.
fitmomuv3 Premium
It is indeed a personal photo of me holding my father's hand. He is in long term care, Alzheimers and Parkinsons and he just keeps on keeping on! Thank you for asking. Sarah
floridajf Premium
Thank you for sharing this. Must be very hard for you. Your father is a very strong individual indeed :)
jimportell Premium
Good idea!