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Thank you. Just a quick thank you to all of you who responded to my request for help and support yesterday. I gave a presentation this morning to over 25 people, kept it simple and sweet, and focused on the lovely..... That we all know and love! I have followed up with each person individually, sending them some WA and Jaxxy information (with disclosed affiliate links) and have a good feeling that this will be a great way to share about this amazing program. I love to help people learn! Ha
Help needed! I have the awesome opportunity tomorrow to give a talk with a local networking group that I belong to, on ways to increase your websites SEO. I am going to be keeping it simple, concise, and conversational since I do not have access to any A/V for this talk, so will not be using any technology (weird, huh?) I will be focusing on the "low hanging fruit" technique, to chat with people about how best to find targeted keywords for their specific niche/business and will encourage them
Simple Things in life. I tend to NOT be one of those people who posts about measureable financial success. However, I have found that within the confines of WA, it really helps others to get an idea how they can "succeed" here, and THAT comes with measurement. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for almost 3 months. The connections that I have made have been invaluable, and the ability to learn from, and teach others has been extremely rewarding. I have come to the point that my acc
Disclosing affiliate links. Is it necessary? As I delve a little further into building my blog site, and even further with the courses here at WA, I realized that I needed to ensure that I was doing everything by the book. A simple search confirmed what I had thought, that I am required by law to disclose affiliate links on each page that I have one. (FTC rules which, while are U.S. Based, still reach into Canada if you plan on doing any business with U.S. customers - better safe than sorry.
Hey guys, you both know I love this place. We chat on FB (Kyle) and here (Carson). I am working the lessons and learning in leaps and bounds. I love to share my awesome custom links that I have created through the Links page but I have one very real and serious question.Why, oh why, does a picture of Air Jordan's come up when I share it on Facebook or G+? I'm talking - or or even I realize that this last picture shows how one can have their website at the top for
I am cognizant of the fact that English is not all our first language, but this came across my feed today, and, as a charter member of the Grammar Police, I had to share. #wordcrimes
Someone asked this question today in chat (and I see it asked every single day in chat) and I responded with "How far along are you on the training? It's about building a website, maximizing its presence on the internet through SEO and excellent content, and using affiliate marketing to leverage the incredible content you have written." Now, at time of writing, they had not responded yet, but I re-read my answer and copied it so I could use it here. There is truly amazing training here at Wealt
March 09, 2015
Hi everyone, No, this is not an existential question, it is a real one and something that we should all think about. I found an older blog post by Wendy and it got me thinking. Succession planning - have you done it? Should something happen to you, do you have plans in place for ensuring that the income that is generated through your blogs is part of your estate? Somebody suggested having your WA business set up under a corporation, since when you pass away, the corporation will contin
March 07, 2015
Quick post here as I'm heading out for the evening (hence the pearls!) You've probably figured out by now that this place is amazing, that you are excited about the possibilities that you are learning about, and you WANT TO TELL THE WORLD! Have you been faced with indifference, been ignored, been told off or just plain asked to drop it? I have to admit, I haven't had the last two because I'm sharing this with my friends in a very subtle way. I'm owning it. If you have ever read the book o
I have to say, I find it funny that the better that my website is performing for my MAJOR keywords, the more phone calls I get from companies who want to sell me SEO for my less important ones. When you run a small construction company like I do, you find that there are jobs that you like to do, jobs that are profitable, jobs that are fast and easier, and jobs that are very difficult and take a long time. As someone who believes in running my business efficiently, I have to decide which of t