Own it!

Last Update: March 07, 2015

Quick post here as I'm heading out for the evening (hence the pearls!)

You've probably figured out by now that this place is amazing, that you are excited about the possibilities that you are learning about, and you WANT TO TELL THE WORLD!

Have you been faced with indifference, been ignored, been told off or just plain asked to drop it? I have to admit, I haven't had the last two because I'm sharing this with my friends in a very subtle way. I'm owning it.

If you have ever read the book or seen the movie "The Secret" you will know that envisioning your success, being your success, OWNING your success is the secret to having it come to you.

You are already there. Whatever success means or looks like to you, it is already there for you. Remember that. Now, back to work, because nothing comes to us unless we are prepared to work, sacrifice, and work some more for it.

Over and out. I see your success, I see my success, now do you?

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slackone Premium
thanks for sharing this kind words, enjoy your evening
EKautz Premium
ABar77 Premium
Have a great evening! Success will come to those willing to work for it and not give up. Thanks for the post.
fitmomuv3 Premium
This is so true! It saddens me to see some just want to complain about what they don't have, when they could be embracing what they do.
wendai Premium
Love your pearls. Enjoy your night and thanks for the inspirational comment. Wendy.
fitmomuv3 Premium
Aww, thanks Wendy. I actually picked them up in a second hand store, they are fake as fake can be but they look pretty and make me feel glamorous...so I go for it!
floridajf Premium
I sure do! Thanks for the post, you are definitely owning it! Hope you enjoy yourself out there :)
fitmomuv3 Premium
Thanks Florida, I had a wonderful evening! There might have even been dancing! Hope yours was great too. Sarah