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Hi all,
My name is Firstborn. i've been in internet marketing for a while now, but one thing i can share with u house is that nothing is easy, i stopped internet marketing cos of school and after school something still brings me close to it. And that is because i'm in the search for financial freedom. everyone wants to enjoy financial freedom no one wants to in the Labor bracket for so long, but u have to work your way out. IM only makes this dream more visible for who dont have the right connections to work in a big time paying company or the very attractive grades. Moreso it helps you translate your passions into a skill for livelihood. I'm current working on a website for personal development called enrichingliving.com though i've been experiencing a lot of hitches i'm not gonna stop till i make it through. enjoy
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Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the follow!
firstburn Premium
you are welcome
Rea Premium
Thanks for the follow.:)
firstburn Premium
pleasure is mine
mightyone Premium
first born and first fruits...welcome to WA.
Kyle MacRannell Premium
Hi firstborn, welcome to WA! Dive into those lessons, by week 3 you should be making to money! You have any questions and I'll try to steer you right when I can, just give me a shout on the PM!

best of luck to you,

firstburn Premium
thanks i remember you kyle, you were the first person that wrote to me when i got to WA. thanks a lot. how is life 4 u in WA, i've been schooling so i've not really had time to do WA. but now that i'm done i think i will start. i'm only kind of nervous i'm also trying to get a part time job that will help the funding. cos in Africa, things are expensive.
PS: i cant give up, cos i see this as an easier way to financial freedom.
firstburn Premium
Hi hommies and honnies, My name is firstborn maybe cos i'm truely the first hail from a populous place in Afica wonn't mention 4 now. well, i took up internet marketing mid last yr and started with adsense but it wasn;t that easy 'cos where i hail 4rm, people will always
wanna rip U off, especially if u're just a beginner. I got informed about WA mid last yr,
so I had to peruze through their profile and scincerely WA has a reputation out there. So I
decided to register it wasn't easy to fund it but i must take my chance at every reasonable cost. and i'm happy I finally got here. Now if u ask me what I think about
WA i'll say it's market we try to understand beter that we wanna get understood. see ya all.