UPGRADED To Yearly Now - Lost Intro Video

Last Update: December 03, 2015

I'm happy to announce that I've taken the chance and upgraded my membership with the Black Friday Offer to yearly. Timy flies by with lots to do, so my post is already "cold coffee" as we say in Switzerland. Just because of that I have a question:

After applying to the full membership, WA responded with an INTRO VIDEO explaining all the new features. Unfortunately, I lost it and can't find it again. Does anybody have the link?

Thank you very much!


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Loes Premium
Congrats Stefan, looking forward to a continious friendship:)
RoopeshG Premium
Congrats on going yearly....it's a fantastic decision that you have made.
BillandSue Premium
Sorry you lost the video,I never got one. You made the right choice to go annual.
EFors Premium
So did I, believing the best for 2016. :))
BrigitteB Premium
Hi Stefan

Do you mean the video we are shown when we first upgrade to Yearly Premium?

If so it is the same we are shown when we upgraded to Monthly Premium which is Or do you mean the bonus videos which Kyle emails to us after taking the Black Friday Special?

Brigitte :)
Firekeeper Premium
Yes, the one after taking the black friday specia. have you got the link?