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Hello dear WA comunity! I'm so happy to share with you this ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. I missed the exact date on January 8, because the new year started with many new activities. I've passed through tons of highs and lows, learned a lot and achieved to establish two websites. They are growing towards a business foundation for my future.Website Nr. 1: HeartBasedPower.comThis is the first website where I put all the research and experience which I've accumula
Hello dear WA fellows and friends, on this first day of 2016 I wish you a happy, creative and successful year to come! With some good friends I spent the turn of the year on a very special place: in Seelisberg (meaning: mountain of the lake) which is located at the heart of Switzerland. The picture below renders the view we had today on the first of January.In many respects, it's a very inspiring and energetic place with good vibes. The view is breath-taking and clears your mind with fresh air.
Christmas is supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year, filled with warm emotions which are often driven by great expectations. For some it's like entering a mine field full of deadly traps and thieves. Not the thieves in the super markets or elsewhere, but the psychic vampires who take away your energy and joy.Hidden Causes for Holiday DisastersI know some friends and colleagues who almost hate this season of forced happiness and superficial peace. At least they enter this charged sea
I'm happy to announce that I've taken the chance and upgraded my membership with the Black Friday Offer to yearly. Timy flies by with lots to do, so my post is already "cold coffee" as we say in Switzerland. Just because of that I have a question:After applying to the full membership, WA responded with an INTRO VIDEO explaining all the new features. Unfortunately, I lost it and can't find it again. Does anybody have the link?Thank you very much!Stefan
The sun has already set over Switzerland, whereas in the States and elsewhere daylight still fills the sky. For me this fact is still somewhat mysterious. So before I go to bed, I'll send you a picture over the ocean, a beautiful painting created by the late Paul Klee, a famous German artist in Switzerland. Yesterday I came across a tableau he made in 1930.What do you see? Right in the center of this fully "orchestrated" human entity there's a pulsating heart. Whatever I percieve, consider or d
I want to discuss a disturbing topic: have you also noticed that amazon is often cheeper than the companies who made the product? How ist that possible?An example: Breville JuicerBreville Price: $149.99Amazon Price: $135.01 instead of the List Price aboveMore and more to me this smells not like competition but like monopoly dictation. So as an affiliate I'm in an awkward situation. I'd rather recommend the original company but in the end the price decides.What do you think? Is there a good reas
Hi guys, I'm back with a problem: working on my pages of my new website, suddenly I cannot switch back from the Text to the Visual editing modus. I tried to change the browser from Firefox to Safari. No effect. BTW, my website works just fine.Has anyone an idea? Thanks for your help! Stefan
I'm wondering what you're interpretations of my data are and how you're experiences look like. My website is up and growing since January 2015. Now I entered a phase with regular posts and ever more comments and interactions.Now I looked at Google Analytics today and was disappointed to see that traffic is going back below 10 per day. Althoug in the past few weeks I put a lot of work into my site. First the traffic started increasing, of course with fluctuations. But now I'm a little puzzled. H
In my last post I talked about how I got kicked out of the program because of no referrals. No, I reapplied and replaced all the links. It wasn't as bad as I thought.But one thing I'd like to share: in creating my new links, I realized that many prizes have changed. You might want to look at yours too. So your coustomers percieve you as professional and up to date.Have a nice weekend, Stefan
Here's my experience with Amazon and I'm wondering how you deal with it. The facts are as follows: after 180 days as an associate I couldn't make a referral credits, so they "kicked" me out of the program. I'm still in the build up phase of my site, so the traffic is just picking up.Now, I can reapply any time, so far so good. But they recommend to wait until the traffic is big enough. Also the offer advice how to improove the chance of getting referrals. Here's what I've done.I added (and stil