First off, congratulations on going Premium! You rock and you have taken some serious initiative towards your own personal success!

We know you are absolutely going to love Premium and now that you have access to all the benefits of Premium, your path to success is going to be much quicker and more obvious.

All the training, the tools, the services, the support and the mentoring you need is included within Wealthy Affiliate Premium. In this video I am going to walk you through all of these aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, showcasing your NEW environment and educational platform that you will see within the Premium menu.

I also am going to show you how you can SAVE a bunch of money if you are interested in a yearly membership (and if you don't like monthly payments). This should definitely be a consideration for you and I cover this within the last segment of the video.

The exciting journey to your own personal business and your success within the online world has just begun! I personally look forward to working with you and I know that you are going to accomplish amazing things in the coming days, months and years ahead!

If you have any questions about Premium, do leave me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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IElectronics Premium
I've Been So Busy Helping other, not to mention problems with My Internet. Never the less, I still worked off of My Phone Last night. I'm so Eager and Ready to go forward..... I had been working on...

My review of Wealthy Affiliates, I highly recommended it to all who want to go to Las Vegas. Plus it will help drive traffic to Your Site If Your Lay out the page with That in mind... Think how can I link My Webpage into this review...

If You Like give me A Thumbs Up! Thanks !
RETL Premium
After upgraded to yearly premium, I did just this I wish everyone success and never give-up!

You are almost there ...
Kyle Premium
Awesome Ann, I know you won't regret going yearly and if you give yourself enough time in business, you create a business!

I look forward to working with you!
RETL Premium
Thanks Kyle
lindajay Premium
The Best choice!

Now go be GREAT,

RETL Premium
Aye Aye, Captain!
Israel74 Premium
First of all i would like to thank WA for keeping $19 premium a lot longer.How thoughtful of you guys.Now that i have upgraded to premium i ready,willing and able to give it all i have.And thanks as well for words of encouragement from some of members of WA community, i really appreciate.And to WA , u guys rock!!!
Giselle57 Premium
Welcome, I just started also. It is going to be an amazing journey!
richmo22 Premium
I joined only a day or two ago. I feel that i worked too many hours and was not making much progress. I was having and still am having trouble with my web site. I have to admit i requested to quit...but Kyle gave his all and went over some feelings people get and reasons that are behind a quit. And so i started thinking, I will take a more relaxed position. I would keep my life more well rounded as well take breaks for exercise, and other activities. Just because I am almost 73 dosen't mean I can't take a year as a trial period for success. The cost is $47 a month and I have all the training and personal help i need at WA. That is less than $600 for a year to succeed at what I want to do.. So thanks, Kyle, I will stick with it gladly.
Dale Richmo Richmond
Kyle Premium
Do know that we also have a yearly membership, which is $359 for the entire year so that is an option as well Dale.

You are a lot further ahead of me when I started out, it took me over a month just to get my first website up and running online. You are doing just fine and if you work at it, you absolutely will have a bright future ahead of you!
ChrissyR Premium
I am done with free trial, now I go Premium, yay! I went as far as starting a free website. That was ok, but I am now ready for Prime Time. I think I have a niche, that is yet to be proven. Anyhow, thank you for the welcome from some of you here, I hope you will keep encouraging and supporting me.
Jbradley1 Premium
congrats on your journal and good luck
ALFRED5230 Premium
Congratulations, You made a good choice to go premium, Soon you will reap what you saw. A bit of dedication and focus on building your website will pay off.
celiacman Premium
Way To go Ms Chrissy

I know you will be always be happy with your decision to join our family as a premium member

Take Care & Enjoy

browzman Premium
Chrissy, congrats on choosing "Prime Time," rest assured that this community will keep encouraging and supporting you.

CMayers1 Premium
I've been going through some sicknesses and deaths unfortunately in my family, and I'm truly running behind with all that I should have done some time ago!!! Well it's catch-up time now and I've got to finish up Bootcamp and get this Website up and going!!! Now guys I need you in this area because I'm not very computer savvy at all! Sooo any help you can render me will be helpful. I'd like to wish all of you the best that Wealthy Affliate has to offer.
Love you all
HisbelA Premium
Hi there,
I am really sorry to hear about your bad news. Some times life test us more than it should, but well done for carry on. I personally find that in troubled times keeping my mind busy with something helps me a lot.
We are here for any help you might need, just ask.
I whish you all success,
All the best
kacypony Premium
I'm sorry that sounds really sad and tough. I hope things start looking up for you. I don't know a ton but I do know a little. So if I can help you in anyway I would love to.
Jbradley1 Premium
thank you for the kind word it carry you a lomg way
nikitinmax23 Premium
Hey Guys)) Hope you`re fine) I`m really excited about WA) Of course I had some doubts about becoming Premium, but I`ve decided to take action and do it!)

... and I have a question

I`m not a native English speaker but I`m going international so my website is in English. I believe that If i write in my own language it`ll be more sophisticated and enjoyable but I want to keep the same webpage and posts)

So will it be more traffic(revenue) if I use 2 separate websites or write post in two languages on 1 website?

Thanks in advance

Have a good one)
PetraR Premium
Thanks Kyle, thanks Carson, thanks to all of you great people. I'm very happy to be a part of this awsome community. I'we been saerching for a long time for something online and now that I found you, I'm so happy that you can't even imagine. All the best to all of you. Kyle, ROCK!!!!
Kyle Premium
Likewise Petra, it is wonderful to have you as part of the bigger family here at WA. You are definitely in the right place and I know that as you immerse yourself more and more this is going to be revalidated over and over.
bill808 Premium
Kyle, I was on a financial website and at the end of the article I was asked if I want to start a business. I clicked on it and was brought into a very professional funnel promoting WA. I want to do something similar. the link I want to duplicate is How did he do that? The page even has a WA copyright announcement on it.

I didn't follow the funnel all the way through. The next step probably takes me to a WA sign up page or it may take me to an optin page to join his list and then to the sign up page. Because the parent URL is and because it has the WA copyright announcement, this seems to be something built into WA. How do I implement it?
NamanOsmani7 Premium
Hello , I have just joined the premium membership with WA and I hope it will take me to a great way of getting to succeed in my business and work with community. I need to get all instructions to be confident and achieve my goals to make money from home.
Thank you.
NurseNew42p Premium
Hello I just joined and became a premium member, life is happening for me right now. I have so many things I to get done within the next weeks, so I m praying with what little time I have to commit to my online business, something great will happen for me by taking this step!
CJDodaro Premium
Hello NurseNew42p,

I just became a premium member myself a couple of days ago.
The best advice that I can give you is: take a breath, take it slow.

Do not become overwhelmed with the amount of things to do. Just take each, one at a time. In Wealthy Affiliate, there is so much training offered that is easy to feel that you need to rush through something to get on to the next phase. I made this mistake with my initial 10 Lesson Training, only to find myself going back over the entire program to review and better absorb what I missed.

Take it slow, one step at a time, and make sure that you really understand each step thoroughly. It will all come together in the end.

Good Luck! You can do it!


CJ Dodaro
RalphJones Premium
Holy websites Kyle!!! I just watched the welcome to premium video and I had no idea there were so many tools. I have looked, looked and looked for a site with a "all in one" package and you did it. I am so Jazzed about getting started. Unlimited websites, no extra hosting fees, keyword tools, link tracking, and a top notch affiliate program to promote to get me started. I can't see how it can get any better. I love the social contract you have created as well between the members and a community with untapped potential. I will get started and like my friend David L. always say "work, work, work, till I am making 30k a month. Thank you so very much.
KeithWilhelm Premium
I joined on 9-11-2016. I started the Get Started Lessons and also started the Affiliate Bootcamp. I'm in the process of building my web site. I have two pages written and working on the third, Get Started. It brings up all kinds of visions as I watch my web site develop. I haven't been this excited about anything for a long time.
Thanks Kyle and Carson
katkatskitchen Premium
Well done Keith
ENickens1 Premium
Hi, my name is Eugene Nickens, I just joined WA a couple of hours ago! I'm very excited about embarking on a new experience and a whole new world for me because I have no prior internet experience! I just decided to say hello and be part of the discussion.

Cheers, Gene
BushiAntz Premium
Glad to have you here, Eugene, if you have any questions feel free to PM me & I, will give you as much assistance as possible.
Igor13 Premium
Hello Kyle. It is Igor from Croatia. Thanks for Your welcome! Turned premium today! I am excited to start my journey with WA. This is environment and platform of its kind. Unique portal "All in one" at one place. I always wanted to participate in the arena of "online stuff" and I am glad to be part of "WA arena". I joined to enjoy the genuine and useful online environment. If I can gain any success out of it, even better. Thanks and all the best to You and Yours.
LucaV Premium
Just went premium, so much value for the money! I have took my time to define things up before upgrading and now i have set up two sites and can't wait to start writing and make them real :D

Looking forward to exchange ideas and tips with the community now that i have full access.

Have a great day!
LynneTilley Premium
Always remember the tortoise and hare, slow and steady wins the race.
This is all totally brand new to me, I've tried a couple of online ventures and they only want your money.
This is a whole library of information and a solid wall of support.
Spending my time reading everything at the moment.
Looking forward to spreading my wings and taking flight.
Kyle Premium
You have the library, all of the tools/services, the websites/hosting, the rolodex of successful folks here, and the one on one mentoring.

Spread your wings, you have a bright future ahead of you Lynne. :)