New post in new website get ranked in Google in less than 2 weeks

Last Update: November 30, 2016

Hello WA members,

I'd love to share a little win with you.

And especially if you are new members, this post is for you.

A few weeks ago, I decided to create a second website on a whim.

Initially I was simply curious on how much competition a niche would have.

And brainstorming possible keywords for that particular niche and playing around with WA keyword tool for a while, I found at least 10 keywords with very low competition (talk about less than 100 here). Sounds promising!

So, I bought a domain and wrote just one post.

Here's what I did:

  1. I set up in All in One SEO plugin, submitted the sitemap via Google webmaster tool and connect it to Google analytics.
  2. I followed the Jay's keyword placement tips (
  3. Put several images and published it.
  4. About one and half week after that, I requested for one comment via SiteComments.

A few days after that, I checked my ranking and amazed to see that this new website is already in page 2 of Google search.


Not only that, it also ranks for more than 10 other related keywords as well (though not attracting traffic yet since the ranking is much lower >> between page 3 - 5).

Here's the proof (current ranking of the top 11 keywords extracted from Google webmaster tool).

This is only for one post.

Imagine if I keep adding content to the website regularly.

Would you think the ranking will get better and better? And with better rankings, comes traffic, and then... (you guess what's next).

What's the lesson here?

If you want to rank in Google fast, choose a keyword with super low competition This particular keyword has less than 50 competitions, and I believe this is one of the reason why it ranks so fast.

Lesson no 2:

The lessons taught in Wealthy Affiliate really works.

I can do it with a brand new website (no site trust yet), so I believe you can do this, too!

I hope this case study can motivate all the new members (and existing members, of course) that they are indeed in the best place to learn with top-notch lessons and very supportive community.

All you need to do is follow through each lesson and take action!

Have a great day,


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Scott0002 Premium
Nice going Rina. Just the motivation I needed. Thanks.
LindseySam Premium
This is definitely motivating! Thanks so much. Definitely going to hunt down those low competition keywords!
fiftarina Premium
Glad you like it =). Happy keyword hunting.
shrestha Premium
What does the impressions mean ? The numbers in the screenshot displayed here?
fiftarina Premium
Hi Shresta, it's the ranking of the top keywords related to the article based on Webmaster Tool -> Search Analytics.
JudeP Premium
Good stuff Rina :)
fiftarina Premium
thank you, Jude
paulgoodwin Premium
Way to go!!!!
fiftarina Premium
thank you, Paul!