2019 Goals Checklist Completed! Come on 2020

Last Update: December 28, 2019

I DID IT !!!!!

Well it came down to December 27 but I made it!
I accomplished all of my goals I set for 2019 and then some.

Twelve Ben Franklins in one day was the driving force and inspiration..

Since I never did any writing/blogging before joining WA other than fitness techie type stuff, I knew that was one of my weaknesses. So, one of my goals was to improve my blogging skills and to get into the #1 position of "Today's Top 10 Posts". As of Christmas Eve I never got any higher than third.

While waiting on Santy Claus to drop Cheyenne the Wonder Dog's bones and sticks, I wrote my first blog that reached number 2. Almost a hooray. And on Christmas Day I wrote another blog that reached number 2. Damn it! So close, yet so far.

I do not like the number 2. It might work for Hertz but not for me. Try harder!!!!

And that dang Jeffrey Brown just would not let go of the #1 position..

So, I thought I would give it one last gasp as my blogging idea fountain was running dry.

Lo and behold I finally got to Numero Uno!

Thanks to my favorite fellow Ben Franklin.

Maybe not a big deal to all of the professional bloggers here, but it felt good to check off the only goal on my 2019 list that was not accomplished.

The moral of this story is to address your weaknesses and use the tutorials to shore them up. Weak at SEO? Weak at writing content? Weak at building your email list? Weak at social media?

Just type your weakness in that help/search bar at the top of the screen and you have a wealth of information to help overcome any weaknesses or obstacles in your WA arsenal.

.And don't forget Jay.

Everyone have a great weekend and GEAUX LSU TIGERS ! Go Clemson Tigers too.

Mark the Shark

ps. I caught you Jeffrey. lol

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DouglasPlumb Premium
Hey, that is awesome to here and the best part is you got on top. Even if that Jeff guy is always in the way. I don't think he does anything other than try to be number one. But it's cool to see that we all try to do the best for ourselves and then cheer each other on when they are in the number one position. I think we are all number one on this platform and I hope that you take on 2020 and make it even better. Good luck and wishing you the best.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Mark--Congratulations on that number one slot, or should I say MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😎🎅. I checked back a couple of hours later, and was shocked to see this! (of course--gone again almost as quickly) Glad you achieved your goals and made some bank along the way, my friend! 👍👍👍😜
ExpatMark Premium
Well done. Just like anybody that plays LSU, 49-14 at halftime.
LenkaSophie Premium
You are fun, Mark! Of course I would like to congratulate you to the number 1 and to beating Jeff but I just have to smile. Seems you achieve everything and anything you conceive, there's no other way!
I don't even have to wish you all the best for 2020, no need! :)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I'll give you that, Lenka--he is VERY good at that,indeed!
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks Lenka. I may have a stopover in Prague in April. How far are you from there?
LenkaSophie Premium
I'm about two hours drive from Prague. It would be nice to meet up!
keishalina Premium
.... lol .... roflol ..... WAy too-o funniee-e! ...

yes, you've worked diligently at it & deserve accolades and kudos for achieving all of your goals -- plus some! ... so you're +++ !

time to celebrate! ... bubbliee-e is enjoyed anytime .. 🥂🍾 ...!

hey and turtles do make it and win at the end of the day ...

.... turtles, turtles, ya-ya-ya .! 🐢🐢🐢 ...mmmm-love Turtles!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thank you, Keisha!

AlejandraB Premium