I am very new to WA and was feeling was discouraged with myself and then this happened!

Last Update: March 30, 2016

I haven't gotten very far through the training because I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted my niche to be, but after much back and forth I wanted to let everyone know I finally went for it! I am going with how to stay motivated to lose weight! I actually bought my first domain and cant wait to start adding content to it. I was very excited to come up with website name that averages over 550 searches per month, has traffic of 100 visitors a month once I make it to the first pages of google, and has ZERO competing websites! Jaaxy was so very helpful too me.

I still feel lost and confused sometimes because I feel I should be progressing much faster, but I just wanted to share this with everyone because I am so excited and cant wait to keep progressing!

I wish everyone the best of luck and if you ever feel like giving up feel free to contact me and maybe I can help you out.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Dominique, just relax into it, looks like you are making a lot of progress. The search results look very good. You will surprise yourself.
JudeP Premium
Excellent progress, you have narrowed down your niche and now have a focus. Well done :)
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Dominique, don't give up, don't stress, do yr best that you can, follow the great WA training here, and be very patient. :))

If you are free, read Kyle's this blog, make a lot of sense :-
Digger2014 Premium
I know how you feel about thinking that you should be further along than you are.....BUT REMEMBER its not a race to see who can get their website up and going. Go at your own pace. Make sure you understand the lesson you are on before moving on to the next, There is so much to learn and remember. I have not only a notebook or two beside me to take notes on how to do certain things that I can go to for a reference but I also tag things here.
Wishing you much success
nudge1969 Premium
Don't feel like you're not progressing fast enough. This is a marathon not a sprint. Your website pages will take time to rank. You need to keep building your website for 6 months. Then check your analytics and see what traffic you're getting.
Keep persisting, you will succeed.
Evacapri Premium
i didn't do much to my website except add a photo and title.. if you don't mind would you take a look and tell me what you think
nudge1969 Premium
Yep, checked it out. As you say, not much progress yet but that's fine, you've just started.
Keep going through the training and you'll learn how to add a menu, sidebar etc.
All good so far.