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I'm over 80 years old. Was a medical Transcriptionist for over 30 years, played the piano from 9 years of age. Started swimming when I was 3. Began making clothes for my "fashion doll" (kinda like today's Barbies) when I was 5. Raised 3 children, partially raised a grandchild. I have 7 grandchildren, plus 4 step grandchildren, 10 "greats" and 2 step "greats". Any more detail would take a couple books. Yes, as my grandchildren might say "Nana, you are OLD". Yup but I'm neither senile nor lazy. Slowing down a little perhaps, some infirmities, but not incapacitated. God is good and I'll be around an' KICKIN for as long as the Lord allows. Now I wanna get busy and MAKE US some MONEY. Computers are sometimes daunting for me but I''m still capable of learning. Being my husbands sole caregiver limits my time a bit, but I'll work around that. Needless to say, I can use ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. Thank you everyone.
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MarleenaT Premium
Good Luck this takes loads of learning the methods to do affiliate markets once you get there it's easy to become an affiliate .I am 53 will be 54 in 3 days I Have MS and its taken me 3 months because I can only work it a couple of hours then I take a break so if you do as much as you can handle . I think if you are 80+ years old and you can understand computers way to go, Hope we meet someday... Marleena
EstherP1 Premium
I wouldn't say I "understand" computers. I get along with them most of the time. They can DRIVE ME CRAZY a lot of the time. I do the best I can and so far, so good
Lady18Esther Premium
Hi Esther,
Great to meet you and have enjoy a few of your post. I recently did a post, would you read it if possible and give me feedback.
Thank you
Flash4 Premium
Hi Ester,
I'm not far behind you in age either. Yes computers are tricky, I usually manage to muddle through, make mistakes & learn from them. Great feeling when you manage to get something right!
I also take lots of notes.

Thank you for following me I have followed you back.

Cheers Jae ☺
BetterDays2C Premium
Hi Esther,
I am a few years behind you, but I think it is important to keep our minds sharp, no matter how old we are! My aunt was 98 when she passed, and she always told me that she still learned something new every single day! I am sure you have a lot to share and what better way to do that? I cannot stop either - I do not have enough time or money either - so i must press on! We will be in this boat together!! Take Care and good luck!
JonathanAll1 Premium
Yes, thank you for following. And am hungry to get started.
I finding so much information for goals to success. This is surely a great opportunity with just what I need to develop independence.
Yes www is a big world brought together with WA...

Truely grateful
Jonathan Leslie
@ Facebook / Jonathan Allen
Ian840 Premium
Hello Esther, you are an absolute inspiration - may I follow you and hopefully you may return the compliment - so lovely to chat, and may I wish you well with your business venture here at WA - I hope we may prosper together here - kindest regards - Ian from Western Australia.
AndreaFranc1 Premium
Thanks for the follow Esther! You are a wonderful writer and hilarous! lol! Yes, the Lord is so good. Thank you Jesus. I feel that He is leading me towards making money with an online business. I'm not sure what area or topic I'm going to go into with my business, but He will guide my ways! So excited for the journey that lies ahead! Please let me know if you have any tips :) God bless you!
RPP080879 Premium
Hi Esther, I am proud of your desire to share the Lord with others just by doing it in a matter of fact way. God is good, and I pray that he keeps you available for a long time to care for your husband. I also pray that you will have great success with WA.

In Christ, Bob
1Summer Premium
Hello Esther and thanks for the follow, I am following you back.

I truly enjoyed reading your profile and I especially love your recognition that, "God is good and I'll be around an' KICKIN for as long as the Lord allows." Amen! :)

That is so encouraging...and Yes, the Lord has so blessed you!

Stay the course Esther...have a happy day! :)
EstherP1 Premium
Thank you for the encouraging words.
1Summer Premium
You're welcomed Esther! :)
EstherP1 Premium
I have no idea if this is important to anyone but me. I have decided I need to start with something I am truly passionate about. That is sewing for tall girls. you can find anything you want for the 'chubby" but be tall and thin - - NOT SO MUCH. Having had several in my family who were tall and slender and couldn't find anything to fit, this is important to hellp this group feel better about how they dress.
Keisi Premium
Hola Esther!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for adding me to your network and I have also added you to mine.

All the best wishes for a speedy accomplishment of your hopes and dreams right here at WAU! You made the right choice to learn from the Best of the Best.

KleeClay Premium
I thought of you this morning as I read a yarn question on Facebook. You say you used to be able to do crochet but can't now? Would you be able to help people choose yarn for a project so they knew what kind/how much to purchase for a pattern? Someone in the "My Hobby is Crochet" group said today that she doesn't purchase yarns online because she is unsure of these details- the weight of the yarn and how much to purchase. You could probably direct a lot of sales toward yarn purchases if you helped people with that!
EstherP1 Premium
Interesting suggestion. Thank you Very Much. I'll keep it in mind.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings, Esther!

I'm inspired by your spunk! Yes, GOD is good! I believe we all have an assignment to complete, so until He says, "Stop!" we gotta keep it movin'.

Take your time as you go through the Certification. You'll find that being able to stop and rewind the training videos will be your best friend. It's a bit old school, but I took notes.

All the best to you, Esther.
CandP Premium
Thanks, Esther, for your follow and we follow you back.
Well, we are not kids either, and it's great to see that you are here at WA with us. We have no online experience either so the training is all new to us as well. You have a lot of support in the community to lend a hand.
Just take the training one step at a time. It's fun...just a new challenge.
Sounds like you have a lovely family. We wish you every success here.
enstinemuki Premium

Congratulations on going premium.
I just followed you so let's keep giving

At your convenience, here is my latest post on how I made $1000 in one week. It's an idea you can copy:
Robert-A Premium
Hello Esther and Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.
Since you joined you will perhaps have come to the conclusion that internet marketing can be a steep learning curve.

You must keep referring back to the training, but if you get really stuck on anything then can I suggest you browse some of the 400+ blogs I have published within WA.

You can always get in touch with me as well.

You have decided to follow me and I will follow you as well.
Have a great day.
Cath88 Premium
Hi Esther,

A pleasure to have you here in the WA community!

I know you CAN -- and WILL -- do what you have set out to do with your online business! I can tell that you are motivated and ready to make this happen!! : )

Many blessings to you and your family!


EstherP1 Premium
Thank you for the kind words. Cath
gashihekuran Premium
Hi! Congrats on going premium!
Wish you a lot of success here at WA!

MikeC69 Premium
Congratulations of upgrading to premium!
You now have the entire tool box at your disposal !
If I can help along the way, just let me know!

Best of success !
EstherP1 Premium
Thanks Mike. I workin' on the tool box.
EstherP1 Premium
My new profile picture is of a dress I created from scratch (pattern and all) for one of my grandchildren. The skirt is a full circle, for which she asked. On of my many enjoyments. I'm thinking my niche should be in the sewing field to begin. Any comments?
KennyGlossop Premium
Hi great choice going premium. All the best.
VicLees Premium
Hello, I just wanted to take the time and welcome you to WA Premium! You will not regret your decision. I wish you much success in your new business.
herinnelson Premium
Hi Esther and great decision going Premium! You've now just launched your business to the moon! See you there!
Erin :)!
dbriley Premium
Congrats on going premium! Learning and building your business here is a wonderful experience.
Kettei Premium
Welcome to WA Premium.

It's awesome that you've taken the plunge and subscribed. I joined in 2016 and never regretted it.

The training here is awesome and the community is always ready to help if you get stuck. Live Chat is your friend, if you have any questions. :)

Good luck!
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
johncruz Premium
What's up Esther!

I just thought I'd not only welcome you, but also help you get started on the right track so that you're not confused with anything like you probably already are.

First off, you'll want to put a pic up (preferably of yourself) and say a little something about you so it can be easier for others to help you, which you can do by clicking on the little square with a question mark up on the right.

Starting out, there are only 2 things you really need to know.

1. People who TAKE ACTION by asking questions and interacting within the community are much more likely to be successful and learn this stuff faster than someone who joins and does nothing.

2. The level 1 certification course (green tab to the left) will explain the process of how to make money online and you should have a pretty solid foundation built by the end of this course as well.

By lesson 4 you should have your first site up and running, which I'm sure you'll find to be an accomplishment on its own.

Click the link below to get started on your first lesson and you'll be on your way. Also don't forget that if you have any questions, just ask as everyone is here to help.

I hope this helps Esther and welcome to the wonderful community here at WA, which I'm sure you're going to love!

- John
EstherP1 Premium
I know this is a bit "girly" petty, but I haven't had a hair cut in about 4 months and my hair is "gross" in my opinion. Once i have a cut and style i add my profile picture. (selfie probably". Thank you for the comment.
johncruz Premium
Lol, no worries Esther!