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Hello, all! My name is Emily. I am 32 years old, live in Michigan, and desperately need to change my life. I'm





How long does it take to get approved by amazon?

How long does it take to get approved by amazon?

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A few days ago, I went through all the steps of applying to Amazon's affiliate program and I now have full access to the associate area of their site. However when I tried to

If they have approved you then you should be able to and links are you choosing the html code, make sure your inserting it in text mode to and save.. sometimes we can miss out the small things

Actually..nevermind I guess. I just tried again and it is working fine now, even though I am doing the exact same thing I was earlier... Technology is weird!

It's something minor...always is...
You're welcome!

it takes as much time to get approved as it does to lose your account. If you have not got enough traffic ie hundreds of visitors per day you should not even be thinking of being an affiliate for Amazon. It is too late fro you but it may help others from losing their affiliate account

No, if you have access you're all set.
Many have problems with the links.
Use this...

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Why does my reply to comments show up as "admin"?

Why does my reply to comments show up as "admin"?

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I just started using Sitecomments and I really like it, but I noticed that when I reply to the comments I receive, on my website it says I've replied as admin, even though I'm

When you go into your WordPress dashboard, look in the upper right-hand corner.....

Does it say Howdy, Emily or does it say Howdy, Admin?

Somewhere in the training, we create a new user and use our real name and begin logging as that. I'm guessing you still have the original admin account and you're actually going in as such.

It says Howdy, Emily. I think it's something to do with the fact that I'm replying within WA maybe?

Indeed it might. I just went to one of my pages. I'm still logged in, but if I view the page in my browser, it allows me to edit the comment and change the name. You might wanna give that a shot.

I edited the comment and changed the author to say Emily, but the little avatar picture is still a blank face..

Here's what I mean....attached

You'll need to associate it with the email you have registered with Gravatar.

Ok, I got it all sorted out now. Was definitely a Gravatar issue. Thanks for the help!

Awesome!!! Well done!

Have done all of the above still no gravatar image on my response to comments

Can you post a link to an article where you commented so that I can check it out?

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