Last Update: April 24, 2016

Hi, everyone! I'm Emily. I've been at WA for about three weeks now. I've created a website and I'm excited about the progress I've made so far...but I'm not gonna lie. The seed of self doubt is always lurking in the back of my mind. I'm trying hard to push through it and I thought writing this blog might help.

As part of the training I wrote down my non financial goals on a piece of paper. This morning I read over them and it made me feel better so I thought I'd share them with you as well.

My Non Financial Goals

The Next 10 Days - Become a premium member and begin setting up my website. Settle on a domain name. Train, train, train. (Check!)

The Next 30 Days - Keep improving my website. Have added at least 5 posts. Learn something every day. (Almost check...I have 4 posts so far. Hopefully 5 by the end of today!)

The Next 6 Months - See traffic on my website. Still be putting time into it on a daily basis. Maintain interest and be having FUN!

The Next Year - Have established a daily routine that focuses on my website growth and keeps me healthy and happy,

So those are my goals. I tried to keep them as realistic as possible so I don't set myself up to fail. Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your goals too. Here is a link to my website if you're interested in checking it out http://advicefromanartist.com/

My very best wishes,


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despatis Premium
Congrats Emily, for going premium and for posting your first blog within Wealthy Affiliate. Well done and to be continued. To your success, Desmond.
leemitchell Premium
Hi, Emily, I like all of your non-financial goals. We should all help each other with goals. You have helped me realize I need them, too. After being concerned that my financial goals are dependent on staying on tract and not rushing ahead of myself trying "this & that" wasting precious time ... (when I should be doing the course lessons step by step every day allow time to take it's course to success That is my NEW goal Try to squeeze in time to help 2 new members with a review of their new sight. Also, ask them to review my site in return.) ... whew....I ramble... Emily, if you haven't... Kyle has training page on this. Comments will help your SEO and their SEO, immensely. down the road a ways (you're right)leading to traffic. Good quality reviews (that we share with each other) are encouraging and instructional, as is good content. Some days I think my site is too busy and long winded, So does Kyle. What do you think? Good fortune awaits you on your site. Best wishes, Lee
Sorry for the delay, I had a chore to do.
RobertCO Premium
Great goals, wishing you exceptional success!
wendyjane Premium
Your goals are great... I always like when people post non financial goals because sometimes those can set people up for disappointment and failure if they expect to see too much, too soon. Stick with the training, be consistent and don't give up... you will see your hard work pay off (literally!) down the road ;)