What is Passive Income?

Last Update: May 7, 2017


What is passive income?

When we speak about passive income, we always think of business which makes you money without having to do anything.

That might be true, if you have money to invest. Then you sure will find a business where you will make money without having to do anything.

But most of us do not have the luck of having spare money for investing. Therefore, we must do some work before we can sit back and see money “pouring” into our bank account. Even after we did that work and we see money coming in, we still should continue working on that project, but not such hard any longer. It’s more in direction service and maintenance.

What are the possibilities for ordinary people to make passive income?

Here is a list of online passive income opprtunities:

  • Creating a blog to promote affiliate products
  • Creating a comparison site
  • Creating a lead capture site
  • Creating an online course
  • Creating a membership site
  • Setting up your own YouTube channel
  • Reselling online products & services
  • Writing & publishing ebooks
  • Produce Audiobooks
  • Building an ecommerce shop with drop shipping

Sure, there are more opportunities. But either they are not online based or you have to invest a bigger amount of money.

In the coming days, I will explain the above-mentioned opportunities and how to implement them.

So, stay tuned.

Recent Comments


teach us to make money - great idea.

Hope I can be of help.

We will wait for it.

Many off these can earn money in part while you sleep!

That is the beauty of these opportunities.

Great list, cant wait until you start the next part on how to use them.

I have a fulltime job. This here is my hobby. I'm sure you understand if I'm not doing a post on the different opportunities on an daily base. But I will speed it up as much as I can.

Great list Eric, and this is an important topic for people to understand. Looking forward to your future follow up posts.

Thanks Kaju. As you know I have a fulltime job. This here is my hobby. Still I will do my best to blog in more or less regular base a post or two on every opportunity.

I don't know how passive this business is.....it's been a lot a work so far! Debbie

I fully agree with you. To build a business on any of the listed opportunities is quite some work. But once it's set up you should be able on concentrating on traffic to your site, service for your visitors and clients and maintenance of your site.

Thanks for the post.

there is a saying in Internet marketing that has been around as long as, well Internet Marketing:

You have to pay one way or the other - either cash or time.

Notice just about all of your examples above require you to BUILD something - some can be done for free but you gotta do it!

I fully agree with you. To build a business on any of the listed opportunities is quite some work. And you cannot do all of them at once. But I'm sure in the long run it pays off.

It has for a great many people.

Thank you for the info

My pleasure

thanks for the information!

My pleasure

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