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Just before I was surfing the internet and by pure coincidence I found some stats, which absolutely amazed me. As you see from the picture below, this year alone there have been almost 570 trillion searches made on Google! On Facebook 510 trillion 'Likes' have so far been sent out! But what amazes me most are the close to 58 quadrillion emails. (The word quadrillion I had to look up first. Didn't know what comes after a trillion.)The time when I took the screenshot was July 16, 2017 at 21:30 GM
The followings are 3 of the most common mistakes, which are made in affiliate marketing and which I made too.Joining Too Many Affiliate ProgramsIt is very easy to join affiliate programs and it’s very easy to be tempted to join multiple affiliate programs to try and maximize the income earnings you will be getting. Sure, as affiliate marketer you need to be part of multiple programs. Because every program will come to an end. Some sooner, some later. Who hasn’t seen that before? The
July 16, 2017
Just before, when opening a new WA tab on my browser I came to see the top 10 most popular blogs and trainings. Not giving it much attention at first, I suddenly saw my name twice in position 4 and 5. Well, such great I ain't! When looking a bit more carefully I figured out it wasn't me in position 4 but my namesake, ericcantu. It's not the first time I made the top 10, but it's still nice to see.May all of you have a wonderful Sunday!
On WA we talk a lot about SEO, keywords,ranking, etc. and what to look at before publishing a post. For me personally there are 5 points to look at before publishing a new post, in that order.Publish Relevant ContentQuality content is the number one driver. There is no substitute for great content. Create it specifically for your intended readers. This will increase site traffic and improve your site’s authority.For each page on your site identify a keyword phrase. Think about how your re
Some WA members are using MS Words for writing their posts. The advantage of Words lies in its powerful grammar check and its instant edition of synonyms. The disadvantage of Words is that the inserted text gets automatically formatted with some coding, which is ill supported by most web design and development applications. When you copy a text written with Words and paste it into a blog post editor it very well can happen, that once published your post can’t be read properly, which makes
Yesterday David (boucherda) posted a blog with the title “Snip it”. There he showed us how to use a small but very useful program called “Snipping Tool”. To get to this tool he used the Windows search function. Now, I am sure you will use this tool frequently once you get to know its usefulness. To use the Windows search function every time you want to snipe something becomes laborious over time. Therefore, I aske
July 10, 2017
For my image editing I normally use GIMP. It’s open source and it’s very powerful. For some application, it even beats Photoshop. GIMP is full of customizable editing tools and effects. But Gimp is slow at bootup time (which is the case with many open source programs) and many of the tools require several seconds before application. For simple image editing tasks, I use IrfanView. Some people call this freeware tool the Swiss Army Knife of image viewers. IrfanView is a remarkable
1964, on July 10, the English rock band the Beatles releases in Britain their third studio album: A Hard Day's Night. A Hard Day's Night contains on side one songs from the soundtrack to their movie "A Hard Day's Night". The American version of the album was released two weeks earlier, on June 26, 1964, with a different track listing. In contrast to their first two albums, all 13 tracks on A Hard Day's Night were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney showing the development of their songwr
Since SiteContent was released I tried it's functions and possibilities by using the trail and error method. Still, being to afraid something could go wrong and not wanting to loose anything, I never dared to use all functions.Today, I was made attentive to the "SiteContent - The Complete Walkthrough" blog and video by Kyle. For what ever reason I missed this one. So, I decided to watch the video and was very surprised about the functionality of some items. E.g. the bucket: I thought it was som
July 09, 2017
Today is Sunday. So, I thought you could use a few jokes about marketing. Below are examples of what happens when marketing translations fail to reach a foreign country in an understandable way:Coors put its slogan, "Turn it loose," into Spanish, where it was read as "Suffer from diarrhea." Clairol introduced the "Mist Stick," a curling iron, into German only to find out that "mist" is slang for manure. Not too many people had use for the "manure stick". Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electro