My Niche Switch

Last Update: April 16, 2016

Interest vs Passion

So I started a few weeks ago and have been building my niche site out for home brewers because I am interested in the topic, BUT I am not passionate about it.

This creates a personal conflict for me when it comes to motivation to work on my site. I also would like to have some first-hand experience with at least the majority of products and services I would be promoting (there are a plethora within that niche). I just know that won't be the case right now.

Although I do need my efforts to be profitable, I do not want to sacrifice integrity and I do truly wish to help my niche (group of people interested in my topic). I also need to help myself first before I can help others.

Since I know that thinking is the key to success in any endeavor (actually it is RIGHT thinking that is the key to success as wrong thinking will produce failure and frustration galore) I am switching my niche.

Thinking is Fascinating to Me

Now this is a topic that I AM passionate about and can hold my interest. I also need the benefits of the research, programs, and people that are teaching RIGHT thinking with my own evergreen niche spaces of: Health, Relationships, and Wealth.

So I am making the switch!

My new Niche:

Men in their 30’s and 40’s that have come to the realization that they are not where they want to be and are ready for some major changes.

First and foremost SPECIFICALLY in business

My guys will be business owners or leaders within their organizations that are ready to transform. We will move from the daily struggle and grind that comes with hard work to enjoying the fruits of our labor because of right thoughts. The old adage of work smart, not hard is partly right. There is nothing wrong with hard work and it is found at the core of every “overnight” success, but what is always key to that success is the thoughts that created it and the leaders that made the effort to LEARN how to think.

I do have a great program that I am following myself and will be sharing my personal experiences and transformation - so I can give honest reviews of the program that does happen to have an affiliate program (I didn't even know that when I bought the program as I was not thinking about doing this at the time).

More soon...the new site is: but it is not ready to be unveiled yet as I am going back through the steps of building and also watching the current 5 week niche building series that Jay is doing here in WA. You should check it out if you haven's yet.

Here's to your thinking!


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johnmcge972 Premium
Good luck in your new niche!
EricHere Premium
Thanks very much!
joyweb Premium
Best wishes in your new direction.
EricHere Premium
Thank you! I am sure we will be able to use your help with some guest posts if you are interested :-)
painter14 Premium
I love that you have had a re-think and have discovered your true passion.
EricHere Premium
Many thanks for your kind words!