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April 23, 2016
Since I am launching my site(s) "on the side" it is more important than ever to focus on my "Why" as well as plan, and schedule blocks of PRODUCTIVE time to get educated and take action.I know I am the only one that finds this difficult right? (sarcasm)Accountability is a strong motivatorSo...I am actively pursuing an accountability buddy.Looking for a guy - not being sexist, but I do intend to be communicating A LOT with my buddy and I am married to my lovely wife now for almost 18 years. I
April 16, 2016
Interest vs PassionSo I started a few weeks ago and have been building my niche site out for home brewers because I am interested in the topic, BUT I am not passionate about it. This creates a personal conflict for me when it comes to motivation to work on my site. I also would like to have some first-hand experience with at least the majority of products and services I would be promoting (there are a plethora within that niche). I just know that won't be the case right now.Although I do nee
April 14, 2016
One of the marketing companies I receive emails from included a link to review good copy from other companies for a variety of purposes like:WelcomeThank YouNurtureProduct FeedbackT&C and Privacy, etcSo should we copy good copy? Well...not word for word, but modeling the psychology? I say ABSOLUTELY! We are writing to the people we care about and want to help so we want to keep it real and personal. Big, successful companies are doing the same...which is where the big success came from
Have learned a bunch of new things on the way to this post and looking forward to continuing. Really enjoy the community...My progress thus farMade it here ya' hear?!My website that I have created successes (not just financial, but things I am proud of)Happy that I am sticking to it and doing something everyday because I realize that being consistent is the key to success here. I am not giving up this time!My plans and goals in the upcoming 3 monthsMy decision is
March 31, 2016
Inspired by Ian (pribs) most recent blog post, I wanted to take a moment and share a daily self-help tool that can be quite useful when employed. It's called a "Did List" and it is just what it sounds like.At the end of the day just sitting down for a few minutes and listing out the things that you actually DID that day. Can't remember who I first heard it from because I am always listening to and reading info from people that are more successful than I am in order to grow, but (when I am fai
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March 25, 2016
A year and a half ago we set out on a great adventure...We sold our house and took to the road full-time in our RV (some call it a recreational vehicle, ours is a Resurrection Vehicle). Starting in Indiana, we headed south in the fall for Nashville, TN further south for the winter of 2014 near Lake Okeechobee, FL. Then we headed to the northeast to visit family in PA and NJ before driving across the country to the bay area in CA. Spent last winter in NV, headed to Phoenix for a month and now