The Most Important Part is the DO!

Last Update: March 08, 2022

Often times we find ourselves loving the "planning" phase of something, but when it comes to the actual "doing"... not so much.

We plan a diet, a workout, a productive week of building our website.
Then instead of DOING we just fall back to analyzing or more planning.

Remember this:

The number one way to get to where you want to go is to DO. Yes, planning and research is mega important, but the MOST IMPORTANT PART is the DO!

With regards to your website, sure, plan, research, but then WRITE, CREATE, PUBLISH! And immediately after this step, especially early on, don't get lost in analytics, simply get back on that train!

Plan, research, WRITE, CREATE, PUBLISH!

Same with YouTube.
Same with basically EVERYthing.

If you're in a workout program, sure, you'll plan out your workouts, you'll schedule when you're going to go, but then YOU HAVE TO DO, right?

And you don't jump on the scale between every set checking your "analytics" right? That can actually discourage you.

Plan and then DO and you'll see results over time. You'll see definition, or in the case of your business, you'll see sales / conversions.

And if every morning you start your day checking for clicks, STOP.
Especially early on.

Don't analyze more, DO more.
Write more.
Publish more.

Research goes hand in hand with writing. But paralysing your momentum with constant analysis does not.

And just like how you'll see results from a workout over time without even checking the scale, same applies to your business. Take a look at your work with friesh eyes. If you find yourself reading a post you wrote and it's making you fall asleep, then re-think your writing approach.

Add some energy. Follow what you see the leaders doing.

But the most important part IS THE DO.

So make today a day with lots of DOING!
Same for tomorrow.
Even more the next day.

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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Eric,

This post will always be timely and relevant, no matter what. The "DO" part is not the easiest part, but it's the most important to see real results down the road.

I've embraced more of the "DO" part the last year because that's where I'll see real change and growth ahead.

When it comes to business, that's extremely important. Taking little to no action won't get you far. But if you make it a regular habit (and keep doing it), great things will come out of it.

Wonderful post (it's now one of my favorite WA posts ). Thank you for sharing your wisdom :)


EricCantu Premium Plus
Very happy you enjoyed this! Thanks so much!
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Amen, Eric! Great advice!

The philosophy of hugely successful people is not something that happens in an instant.
Their success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal, and not the "progressive" word.

Everything we do compounds into something. If we don´t do anything, it compounds to nothing.

What is called quantum leaps doesn´t work either. It is the repetitive actions that produce results

In our case writing on our articles every day is the "secret" to our success, By focusing on the moment and not living in the past or the future

Every article we publish is another piece of the pyramid or the puzzle if you will. The Great Pyramid took about 20 years to complete, stone by stone.

Nothing will seem to happen after you have published your article. Traffic seemingly doesn´t appear. But if we just publish consistently, 1 article per, week, 2 articles per week or more, all of It compounds after a while. After just 1 year, 2 articles in a week has grown to 104 articles!!!

104 articles of pure gold

There is no other "magic bullet" to it than that. No one has said that this is an "easy" journey. But what makes it difficult for many is not seeing quick results, it gets boring.

EricCantu Premium Plus
Well said!
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
The art of DOING! A concept that many lack which leads to a dead end. This day in age people want everything handed on a platter. And then they get distracted by the shiny platter!

Great analogy and reminder that unless you do and take action on the plan you won’t get results!

The plan is the training! Follow it, don’t question it and everything will come together as it should.
Suzay Premium Plus
Shiny platter, HaHa ha, very "Very, " Lisa! :>) ;>) (<:
EricCantu Premium Plus
It's all about the taking action!
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
Yes sir!
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Eric,

My Achilles heel is I don't do sufficient planning. Instead, I dive into writing content and realize I need to do research as I go along. Hence, the actual act of writing takes longer.

I suppose the important thing is to have a balance between all the elements to writing content.


EricCantu Premium Plus
Research and planning is important, obviously, but then you have to write and publish. And after that, it's back to research and planning, not on to paralysis by analysis.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Gotcha. Rinse and repeat. My mentor Tim told me when he starts writing content, that is all he is focused on until it is complete. Then he repeats that cycle.

I just completed my new Wealthy Affiliate review ready to be used for internal links. It's all systems go with writing content.


tdbabineaux Premium Plus
True enough. Many years ago, I started a workout regimen. At first, it was tough, but I got use to it. After a while, if I stopped for a couple of days I started missing the "burn" you get in your muscles after a good workout.

Writing is kind of the same way.

EricCantu Premium Plus
Very true!