Will Perfectionism Get In My Way?

Last Update: October 26, 2014

I started a blog a few years ago that didn't amount to much because I didn't know what I was doing at all. But I sure put a lot of time into it looking nice: neat lines, applicable sources and imagery, etc.

Even now that I have started this journey (again) the right way, I seem to be doing the same things. I spell check everything constantly. I can't a leave a post alone unless there's an applicable image or the text formatting and fonts are 'pretty'. It bugs me that it doesn't look exactly the way I want. But I want to be efficient and not dwell forever on minute problems.

I've taken to letting the house go just a little bit so that I can work on getting content on my site or a training lesson complete. I think my husband is a bit irked that I spend so much time on my iPad lately instead of paying attention to him. :)

In any case, maybe all this perfectionism effort might payoff? How do successful entrepreneurs reach the high places they reside in anyway? There's gotta be some that are anal about all the details, right?

Let me know what you think. Should I push my natural tendencies to the side in order to get more content out there? Or would it be better to take it slower In order to have quality from the start? I look forward to hearing from you.

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mdj Premium
Thank you for your post! It's just in time as I've been working on pushing past this perfectionism rut too. Two things that have been helping me to move along are: 1. Visualizing life in 3-6 months knowing that the success from working on learning or posting something, even if little by little, needs to get done to get there; also, success doesn't always look pretty or smooth. 2. Kyle's training about spending time getting content out matters more than how it looks
bazboy247 Premium Plus
If there is one thing that will stop you succeeding its perfectionism
Perfectionism is not really about doing things well its about having a belief that you do not deserve to succeed unless your perfect and no one is perfect so you will never be satisfied with anything that you do

JanineKruger Premium
Wow, well said! Totally makes sense!
llopez Premium
I would say push your natural tendencies to the side in order to get the content moving along. You can always edit things down the road if you need to.
jsmart Premium
Go for quality and the staying power that goes with it. To the slow comes a lasting prize- (jSmart's Law). :)
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Push the natural tendencies Sarah. Don't aim for perfection because it will only get in your way. This comes from years of stepping on the same rake :P
erashallbe Premium
Thanks VitaliyG!