Cryptocurrency and Affiliate Marketing - How it works!

Last Update: Jul 16, 2018

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Cryptocurrency is a niche.

Cryptocurrency is an industry.

Cryptocurrency is an opportunity.

Cryptocurrency is traded on exchanges

There are over 1600 coins and 1813 markets listed on Cinmarketcap

The United States of America uses US Dollars

Euro is for some european countries

South Africa uses rand

Your country has her own currency and all these currencies are regulated by governments


Cryptocurrency is everyone's currency. Anyone can use it any where. It runs on a powerful computer technology/network called Blockchain/Tangle, powered by the Internet.

The value of cryptocurrency is detirmined by market forces: Demand and supply

Every cryptocurrency has its own network. Some are mineable (PoW) whiles others are pre-mined (PoS)

A good example of a mineable coin is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency. It's the biggest in terms of market share (Market Capitalization)

There are many ways to make money in Cryptocurrency. Affiliate Marketing is just one of them.

Affiliate Marketing in Cryptocurrency

Just like in any other niche, in cryptos, you promote products and services and earn coins. Most of the platforms pay commissions in Bitcoin.

Once you have your commissions in BTC, you have generally 4 options:

  1. Hold and speculate
  2. Convert to FIAT and withdraw to local currency
  3. Trade on exchanges
  4. Spend on Cryptocurrency shops and buy items (Microsoft for instance)

Just like in every other niche, you can locate profitable affiliate products in cryptocurrency. These may include:

  • Brokers/Exchanges like Binance
  • Training videos like Udemy
  • eBooks
  • Mining platforms
  • Etc

Cryptocurrency Affiliate network:


Volatility means: liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse

Cryptocurrency could be quite profitable. But its biggest challenge is volatility. At one point in 2017, 1 BITCOIN mooned to about $20,000. But shortly after, it dropped to $5000.

So if you want to try this niche as an affiliate, these are some basic information.

Good luck

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Recent Comments


Thanks for this Enstine. I have been trading currencies for a number of years, but haven't gotten into the crypto market yet.

It is certainly a trending topic and could be a great niche.


Thanks for all this valuable information Enstine!!

Tried and True


Thanks for the information... it seems so complicated and a little intimidating, but maybe now I have enough interest to read more on it.... thanks !

Hi Yoko,
You know anything you don't know seems complicated. Just grow your interest and lean more. PM should you have any issues

Tempting. How do I get started if I'm ready? What do I need to do? Do I get a machine to start mining or just buy the bitcoins? What would you recommend for beginners?

I will recommend buying and holding if you are beginner. Attempting mining will drive you into more trouble at this moment.

You can pm if you need more help or create and open question here on WA so we can all share

Great explanation of a topic that is not well understood, thanks

Thanks. Are you holding some coins?

I have not dived off into the crypto world as of yet. I just recently started to keep an eye on it and see if it is something I might want to do.

No decision yet.

Great infomation. I always wanted to try bitcoin mining but didnt understand it much. Do yoi use a specific site and where can you buy bitcoins the cheapest to start out. Id like to learn more on this.

Thank you,

Kraken is a good site to buy Bitcoin.

Ill check it out.
Thank u

Hi Tina,
You need to have a basic knowledge how exchanges function to be able to use Kraken, binance, etc.

Take a look at where you can use your credit card to purchase bitcoin

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll recommend she starts with coinbase as that platform is more simple.

interesting, i wanted to do it,but i guess it is not the right time yet

The right time is when the value is down and I believe it's when it's early enough ;)

Bitcoin, I have a couple of very tried and tested BTC ventures, but only promote them, when the opportunity is right

Congratulations on being part of it Dave

Like I say I am part of it, but its not the be all and end all of anything, but an interesting concept none the less

Bitcoin...I'm tempted!

Hey Mike,
Get some quantity and hold. could be a big hit in the long run

Enstinemuki. Brother. YOU are such a force. Thank you. I have belonged to WA for quite a substantial time. Seen many come and go, some great influences with very good advice and tips.
Much that has caught my eye but not necessarily my attention lol.

But you have it my friend. I know you are just starting out here, I am looking forward to learning more from you as I feel your lamens way of explaining I might just have a shot at truly finding the success I have been longing.

Many Blessing cuz
Kiaora from NZ

Hey Kiaora,
Thanks for that comment that got me really fueled.
As a matter of fact, I have absolutely no intention of leaving any time soon. We are here for a very long period of time so I strongly believe we have things to learn along the way. So let's keep giving.

Do have a wonderful week ahead man

Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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Millionaire Mentorship
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