Should I update to WordPress 5.0.1?

Last Update: December 13, 2018

I noticed there is an update to WordPress 5.0 Has anyone done the update. I had some problems with Gutenberg editor and am not sure if I should update to 5.0.1?

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phil1944 Premium
I've got a lot of WP sites outside WA and always apply all updates. It's the only way to stay up to date and be sure that all your plugins continue to play nicely with one another.
You have to have faith that an update includes improvements, bug fixes or both.
I've never used the WP editor, preferring instead the Thrive Architect plugin from Thrive Themes.
It looks as if Gutenberg implements some of Thrive Architects features.
I'll be exploring it shortly and will post what I think of it.
Eliz65 Premium
Thanks, I decided to update. So far I’m having a few issues with the Gutenberg editor so for the time being I’m chosing to use Classic Editor.
apache1 Premium Plus
Not a problem if you wish to update to 5.0.1 just remember do a backup first plus if you don't like the new Guttenburg style you can always use the Classic Editor and use it the old way.
I updated and no issues
NemiraB Premium
I updated today to 5.0.1. It is a piece of cake. I have the Classic Editor. For now, I am okay with this situation and do not care about Gutenberg.
MarkA1 Premium
I would. I haven't been into mine yet, but I will sometime tonight. With any luck, they will have made some tweaks based on issues people are having.