This community Rocks!

Last Update: December 06, 2016

I was having a hard time getting my old WordPress blog transferred over to WA, so I asked for help from the community. This is something I have never had access to before and it is awesome! I have tried for years to build a business using web pages and content but have only been marginally successful. This community rocks! I have no limits before me now. I can achieve anything I set my mind to with the support of people who have 'been there, done that'. The only thing to stop my forward momentum now is me.

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jtaienao Premium
I definitely agree with you. Best wishes to you moving forward.

Toshmack Premium
You will aspire to great things here :)
DordPete Premium Plus
Pleased you're enjoying this friendly and helpful community. I'm sure we'll see you progress over the coming weeks.
Did you manage to transfer your site to WA?
ElisaW Premium
Yes, the process is final and I am working on getting it publishable :) Thanks for asking!
tyrellch Premium
That is how WA rocks. All the best with new found gold mine.
ctrmktg Premium Plus
Glad you are seeing the value!