A Little Bit Overwhelmed

Last Update: December 28, 2016

I have gotten a little bit overwhelmed lately with my web site. I want everything to go perfectly and I want to start making an income. I have had my site for several years (6), but did not know about indexing or getting ranked in Google until a few weeks ago. There is so much to learn and I have precious few hours in my day to be devoting to something that is not showing any success yet. I took a day and did nothing on my site and just chilled.

I have decided to just do this for fun. I'm going to keep working every day and follow what I am learning in the training, but I am going to stop stressing about it and waiting for the money to start rolling in. I have lots of ideas and I will continue to post and enjoy the process, learning as I go.

We'll see what happens but I am not going to stress about it. Every day I have an idea for something else I can post on my site to help others. That can be pretty rewarding in itself.

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jtaienao Premium
Things will be okay it just takes time. Continue to promote your site through social media i.e. FB, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I'm starting to see more traffic as I post more to them. My WA referrals are mostly coming from SM.

WilliamBH Premium
We all get overwhelmed at times. Stay Focused - Move Forward. Baby steps forward are ok :) Cheers, William.
Catwoman1459 Premium
That's a good way to look at it. Enjoy your learning and don't make it feel like a job.
MKearns Premium
Keep on with the training. KIt will help site growth!
Goson Premium
Great, keep on going. Cheers.