Motivation is Great - But It Can Also Be The Worst

Last Update: April 21, 2019

Motivation is a great thing.

It keeps people going even when times are tough.

It inspires people and gives them that drive and enthusiasm that comes from a place of hope for a better future.

The way you view a current or past situation has a big effect on how life turns out.

Some people get beat down and come back stronger while others buckle under the pressure and develop the victim's mentality that will never get them anywhere.

So Ya... Motivation Can Be a Great Thing...

When you get a dose of some good motivation it's like nothing can stand in your way.

It's one of the greatest feelings ever--I'm sure we can all relate to that feeling of being able to take on the world at one point or another.

People will pay thousands for motivation. Thousands of dollars to change the way they think so that they can change their lives for the better.

This can be great--a positive mindset is what often separates winners from losers. Not all the time but it definitely has a profound effect on how one's life turns out.

Example: Let's say you are applying for your dream job and apply to 10 different places in your area that offer this dream position. You don't even get an interview at any of these places.

  • Loser's Mindset - F*ck. I guess I'll never end up getting this job that I've wanted all my life. I guess it just isn't meant to be. I guess I'm just not meant for such a good life. I just have to suck it up and settle for something lesser.
  • Winner Mindset:- That was only 10 applications. There are plenty of other opportunities and I'm going to apply until I can apply no more. I'm a beast. Nothing is going to stop me. So what if 10 places didn't give me a chance--their loss.

The outcome: The winner keeps pushing forward and lands the dream job on his 11th application. The person with the loser's mindset goes on to live a non-fulfilling and purposeless life--and lives with the mentality that good things just aren't meant for them.

This stuff happens all the time. We have all seen it--even if you've never thought about it.

So ya-- I would gladly cough up several thousand dollars for the chance to live with a winner's mindset if it meant living my dreams versus scrubbing toilets at a trucker's rest stop out in the middle of nowhere.

Of course there are external factors that play a big role in success--obviously it's going to be a lot more difficult for someone living in North Korea to live their dreams of being the next Mariah Carey than it is for someone living in the United States--but a positive mindset definitely does play a big part.

But It Can Also Be The Biggest Disappointment Ever

Motivation is great.

But it can also be the worst.

What I'm talking about here is motivation with bad intentions. And the point of me writing this post is because there is A LOT of bad motivation being spread when it comes to making money online.

Below is a typical blueprint for this as I've come across before. These will vary but follow somewhat of a similar outline...

The Bad Motivation Blueprint:

    1. It's been your mindset that has been holding you back! (good advice)
    2. The reason your not successful is because you of the way you think (good advice)
    3. Read this popular book about how to change the way you think to change your life (good book)
    4. Call your 'coach' - guy tells you all the success stories and how you are going to be the next (some much needed motivation)
    5. The process explained - how you are going to get there and make millions of dollars ('this makes so much sense-I'm going to kill it')
    6. Additional motivation - tomorrow is the big day-when the work really begins - when you claim your future ('lets do this!')
    7. It's time - Buy our program starting at $3,000 - $20,000 to get started
    8. For Those That Do Buy: Now promote this to others

    The motivation is great--but it's all to slowly coax you into buying their incredibly expensive program.

    The first 6 steps are all just to lube you up and get you ready.

    They are seasoning you up. Getting you in the perfect mindset to buy their ridiculously expensive program.

    Do they really care about your success--or do they just want to make as much money as possible off you by getting you to buy in and then sell to others.

    High ticket programs are always like this.

    They know they can't sell a $2,500 program to someone right from the start--so they supply people with the necessary amount of motivation to get them in the right mindset.

    There is nothing wrong with warming up a potential customer--this is just good marketing--but these high ticket 'make money online' programs where most people seem to be selling the same high ticket program to the next gullible individual in line--this is what I have a problem with.

    But anyways... I'm sure a lot of others out there know what types of programs I'm talking about and I'd love to hear some thoughts in the comments below...

    By the way: This is one of the reasons I'm a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate--because they don't spread this kind of deceptive motivation.

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    RAFStuart Premium
    You certainly have a point, the number of times that I get offered the same 'wonderful opportunity', afraid my junk folder tends to get an immediate delete.
    TDenise Premium
    I've seen many high ticket programs as well: some good and some bad. I'm not so concerned about the price as I am about the returns on investment and the speed of that. I know what you mean. Some of them are simply charisma and offer no return on investment besides motivation. Or worse, they require you to turn around and sell their product to get a return.

    Others offer real character and high returns on investment. I think it's important to be careful to choose the right ones.

    I wouldn't say all of them are the charismatic for the gullible. Some truly set higher prices because of various reasons (they want to eliminate people of certain income status because they couldn't take advantage of the training, there are some really successful people inside, they want to protect influencers that are members, etc.)

    Also, sometimes, they have really good opportunities to connect with people of significant influence and collaborate--those can be good. I've been a part of some great ones in the real estate niche, and they were expensive, but there were great relationship-building opportunities, and lots of people with money who were willing to invest in properties with you, and so on. It wasn't hyped up and motivational. The people were really calm and logical--speaking strictly numbers and offering returns.

    The pitch was more like "If you put in $50,000, and we can get 15 or more people in, we can buy this multi-family property, and you'll get (XXXX) within (XXXX) timeframe." They would also require training so you understood how dividends work, trusts, partnerships, etc. If they didn't provide that training, you'd be lost, and you wouldn't know how to manage a big property like that. The pitches weren't hype though. Not like "Your mindset is wrong and blah blah blah..."

    Certain income levels couldn't invest or benefit in the group, so the price was a gate to keep them out in my opinion. It was a high ROI group, and still drives very high ROIs for us.

    In the MMO niche, I haven't yet found a high-ROI group that is as beneficial, but, like you, I've looked at quite a few.
    el-jefe-Kyle Premium Plus
    That is true. I guess I wasn't thinking much of the higher costs being a way to keep certain peoples out.

    This post was somewhat of a rant you could say. I have a bad taste in my mouth from a recent program I joined--really didn't like how pushy they were on me and my 'coach' didn't give very good answers to what I was asking. Overall just not a good experience.
    TDenise Premium
    I might have been in the same one. I've been doing Bootcamp too. I completely understand what you mean. You're right about many of the programs out there. I've seen them.

    There are good ones out there though.

    Some companies say colleges aren't properly preparing people and overcharging, but then there are the independent companies who are coming out trying to do the same thing! I understand.

    If the returns on investment make sense, I can understand, but otherwise, I'm not interested.
    smartm2018 Premium
    Hello! El-jefe-Kyle,

    Great post! I too experienced this bad motivation between 2017 and early 2018. This was before I found WA.

    One such program I paid few bucks to enroll and do some lessons.

    Mind you I had to speak to my “coach” once a week, listen to a live podcast Monday to Friday!

    When I got to lesson 6, I had a shock of my life when I was asked to pay $2,500 to buy a position and continue the lessons!

    I did not have this amount and I could not continue. The “coach” wanted me to get a loan from an institution they had in place. I almost did it but I needed a cosigner. It was crazy!

    Glad I found WA. Good advice here and all we need is focus on the lessons and get motivation and advice from those who have done it and are willing to help us.

    Once again, great post.

    el-jefe-Kyle Premium Plus
    Yep, sounds about right.

    The program I came across recently is similar. My coach was asking if I had a credit card I could put it on. I said yes.... but wtf
    smartm2018 Premium
    Oh! Man, I know you’ve been to Vegas and I’ll get your advice. I will keep away from such programs. Too risky!
    Rich908 Premium
    I don’t totally rely on motivation to be be productive. Instead I focus on a purpose for my life. I repeat my grateful prayers daily for having a loving family, health and lifestyle etc.

    Right thinking leads to right actions. It’s not always easy those doubts do creep in. I am relentless and keep working towards my goals with a good dose of positive actions. If I can get through today feeling energized and motivated, I will get through the next day with vigour
    el-jefe-Kyle Premium Plus
    Purpose is definitely the best way--but I think most people don't really feel they know their purpose or if they have one--including myself.
    Jaz333 Premium
    Hi Kyle,

    Nice job on this piece - you're so right! I've seen advertising for the type of programs you're talking about here far too often which is really a shame because the ones out there that really are worth your time won't get as much attention when the bad apples have already colored the water dirty so to speak.

    Good luck to you,
    el-jefe-Kyle Premium Plus
    Very true.