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November 23, 2019
On September 24th, 2019 Google did a core algorithm update that really hit one of my websites hard... knocking about 50% of the traffic I had off. I was up to about 400 visitors per day at the site's peak and then this happened...Back down to around 200/day within a day or two.This really hurt because this was a new website that was doing really great and that I was putting out some good quality content on. But Google didn't seem to care about any of that. My site is in the health niche and I l
The question of how many words a blog post should be comes up a lot.And I have the perfect answer for you.The perfect number of words will bring you 1st page rankings... and with it will come glory and salvation.The perfect number is 1,387 words.No, but seriously... there is unfortunately no good answer to it.Some people will tell you to write at least 1000 words per post... some people will even do a minimum of 3000 per post.But which is the right choice?There Is No Good AnswerThere was one po
So I've been marinating one of my websites for several months now and have had some pretty good results, which is why I think I'm now qualified to share with you how I went about this and I'll show you the results--which consist of a nice boom of traffic (10x the traffic!) without doing anything.Let's start off with the short step-by-step guide to marinating your website and then I'll go over my experience with this.Note: Marinating a website is when you create some content on it and then let i
It seems that most people go with WA's yearly membership instead of paying monthly so that they can save money.I was one of these people--and was lucky enough to get in on the yearly Black Friday sale back in November of 2015--so now I only pay $300 a year instead of $49/mo--which is about a 50% discount overall.That's great and all. And that's what I was focused on when I went yearly--saving money.But I Think The Biggest Benefit Is Making Money--By FarWho knows if I would have ever "made it" i
Is your niche too narrow to succeed online? You may have heard that it can't be too narrow, but it definitely can be.I'm sure the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a niche where you no longer can think of content to create down the road.Keeping it narrow is important but you want to hit the sweet spot. I'll give you some insight into how to do this.Why Keep It Narrow?Less to Deal WithA broad niche can become a juggling act. Should you write about this topic? That topic? How should you s
Motivation is a great thing. It keeps people going even when times are tough.It inspires people and gives them that drive and enthusiasm that comes from a place of hope for a better future.The way you view a current or past situation has a big effect on how life turns out.Some people get beat down and come back stronger while others buckle under the pressure and develop the victim's mentality that will never get them anywhere.So Ya... Motivation Can Be a Great Thing... When you get a dose of so
So I started a new website recently and want to document it's progress as I move forward. I know everyone who is just starting out wonders how long it takes to really get your site going, which is an incredibly difficult question to answer, but I hope this serves as a decent answer to the question over the coming months.AnalyticsRight now it has been 2 months and 7 days since creation (created Jan 15th) and this is what the analytics of my site look like...*The traffic early on was from me work
So recently I've made some commissions from scam products, but IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK.That said, I still get a bit of an uneasy feeling making money like this.Let me explain...So a while back I remember someone talking about including affiliate links to products that they review and conclude are scams.Example: Title: Is "Product Name" a Scam? - Conclusion: Yes it is a scam... but here is a link to purchase it if you want to.I remember the person saying they were making commissions from scam pr
Everyone likes free. I mean... why wouldn't you?Free is free. That's all there is too it. Free means no charge, no risk, no hassle trying to fetch your credit card out of your wallet.Getting something for free is awesome... but unfortunately this type of thing doesn't happen too much... and the reason is because it CAN'T happen too much. Don't worry, you'll understand what I mean by this in a second.The point of all this is to talk about the memberships here at WA. As you know... there is the F
So yesterday I got back from the 2019 WA Vegas conference and thought I'd share my experience with anyone who wants to know what went down.But first... I'd like to give a big thanks to Kyle and Carson for putting it all together. It was a great time and us affiliates were well taken care of.What happens in Vegas ends up here on the blog..Well.. not everything. I'll leave some details out but give you the gist of what went on.It's more than just a conference. And it probably isn't like what you