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Last Update: July 16, 2018

After over 3 months of being on WA, I have produced a website on guinea pig care. I have completed 28 articles and a lot of them are indexed by Google. I have managed to get a good number of comments on most of them as well. My social media profiles are building up, on google plus I now have almost 400 followers, I have just been spending time on the sharing page on here. I have also been citing my sources on the articles.

Though rank isn't everything on WA, I am up to just over 400, so pleased with that. I like to help people on here, as best as I can. I now have over 1100 followers and over mid way through the 3rd training course.

So I am working on building up social medias. Keeping up with posting two articles a week on my website, with a few product reviews included and adding a tiny bit of advertising. Through google adsense I have earned 12p from the one advert I have on. But patience is key and it is about building quality and honest content for people. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I am progressing well, the premium membership for what you get is incredible value. All the tools on here are great. It is amazing how much traffic by putting the work in, you can get through here, the next step will be organic traffic, but that will come.

All the best and I welcome any new member reading this to the WA family.

You can, if you think you can.


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heljam404A Premium
Great Job!
Traveller75 Premium
Good for you, Keep it up.

OGguitar Premium
Well done!
gehnrhcomca Premium
Hi Eden, Congratulations and many more to come too!! Best Regards, George
Mhillabold Premium
That’s great Eden.