Starter member since 29th of november...gone premium today!!!

Last Update: November 04, 2013

Yes...I have gone premium today...because I realize the value of being a premium member. This package is the best and most powerful I have ever seen on the net....and I have seen a lot. Training, Hosting and Tools....they are all there. The only thing that is missing now is me taking proper action...take advantage of my almost free recourses and get things up and running.

With this opportunity I am sure it will work is a question of NOT GIVING UP. I believe Kyle is right when he says that we have 100K more help and support and options than what was available when he started out back in 2002.

Just wanted to tell you all.....and that I hope to stick around for a long time here

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jespinola Premium
Einarjohan. You are right to don't give up! Good to know you are aware how more valuable is this community! :)

Congrats on going to premium :)
Kyle Premium
Congrats Einarjohan, so wonderful to have you here and I know you have made a good decision in going Premium. Great to hear you are enjoying the training thus far and I can assure you that it is only going to get better for you!

I look forward to being part of your journey to success and if you ever need hand with anything going forward, let us know.
IveTriedThat Premium
Cheers Einarjohan and excellent decision! You've taken the plunge now make the commitment to sticking with it until it works. And remember that we'll always be available to help!
findingemo Premium
Welcome to premium, it didn't take me long to go premium once I saw the value here at WA too. Good luck on your venture and you're right, you've everything you need to succeed online, you just have to apply what you learn. :)
BIS Premium
The very best of luck. With that attitude you'll make it.
yessharon Premium
This is a long process yet it is very enjoyable. Everyday you improve a little and become a step closer to creating a successful business online.
@RICH. Premium
Hi Einarjohan. I too am a great believer that "tenacity" is the only talent needed at WA, I've three busted niches and at least half-a-dozen abandoned websites behind me to prove that as long as you're willing rinse and repeat, anyone can do this and succeed. Here's wishing you every success at WA. :) Rich.
SeahorseOne Premium
Welcome and lots of success!
JamelM Premium
Congrats on going premium. I have been a member for a little over a month and I am building my website now.