Good News and Bad News

Last Update: February 22, 2017

Both of them are connected with blogging and hopefully you can learn from them too.

First, the good news

The good news is that my site has slowly started to get organic comments. Not organic traffic but organic comments.

As you know well, comments coming through WA Site Comment are not organic. That kind of comments are not so difficult to get - just go out and offer few comments, then ask comments yourself.

But for long time I was wondering why my posts did not attract organic comments. Maybe it's about me (not too handsome, not too fluent in English, too old, too... I don't know).

That's what I thought. Pity party!

Then I read from someone here in WA - do WA Site Comments UNTIL organic comments will begin pooring in.

Because I did not have any better plan, I started doing that.

Seems to me, it works, because I see organic comments popping up. And it also seems to me, if your articles have at least some comments, it's easier for visitors to drop theirs too. You somehow soften the land for them.

Takeaway: If you don't have organic comments yet, don't be discouraged. Follow this simple rule - Ask comments via WA Site Comments until organic comments start to come in.

Now the Bad News

Another thing that I have noticed is that when people comment my reviews, they mention that my reviews are a bit too long.

Well, that's my weakness and I know that. When I write a review without checking word count, it tends to be something 2500 words. When I want to write a 1000 word review, I end up with the 1700-1800 word review.

And as much as I see, it is frustrating because it backfires in many ways.

  1. Longer reviews take more time to write and edit.
  2. Longer time means I can publish less posts in a week/month.
  3. 2000 post takes much more energy out of me than 1000 word post.
  4. Maybe people don't bother to read that much
  5. etc.

I've tried to tackle the problem but until now not really successfully. My problem is I struggle to explain things in few words. And second, I tend to be extra detailed.

If you have any recommendations to help me in this, please let me know.

Thank you very much :)

God bless you and have a very productive day!


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Karax Premium
great progress! :)
Cristo49 Premium
I think you put a lot of effort in your reviews. Maybe too much. Once you have established a scam with 3 bogus claims, do we need another 3 ? If you cut down a bit your posts will be about 1000 words. Probably just right. I had navigation problems on my phone. Couldn't get around the site properly. But you have developed a nice site and your work is very thorough and interesting. I enjoyed my visit. Regards, Chris
WilliamBH Premium
A great post Ergon!

I am really encouraged by what you have said about comments.

I have the opposite problem to you regarding Blog writing .. mine tend to be too short. First drafts are usually only 500 and as I work on it I can get it to maybe 90 to 100. It is a real task for me to get it any where near 1500!

Cheers, William.
Aandzia12 Premium
Well this is all good news
If its interesting read will Take time
Worry not
egonsarv Premium
You think so? Because I worry. At least a bit...
Aandzia12 Premium
Yes i believe that. But i Also believe in pictures and Video included not just a read