Doing without planning OR planning and then doing?

Last Update: July 22, 2013

I made this photo just few weeks ago. It is in one of the brand new buildings. Take a look at the photo. What do you think what is wrong here?

What happens when you open the tap? The water does not fall into the sink, does it? And I just wonder how is possible that the architects did not think about it in the first place.

After it was done, people had to live with it. So what they did? They cut 40 cm of plastic hose and attached it to the tap. Then another problem arose - the hose was so close to the bottom of the sink that you could not wash neither your hands nor your coffee mug.

People had to live with it and used it something like 2-3 month. Then the tap was changed. The result is on the next picture.

And problem again! Even though the new tap works well with one sink then it does not reach to the second one. If you bring the pipe out in the middle of these two sinks then it would be OK but now...

So what I learned from here is that if planning goes before doing then the end result will be better. And somehow I think that it is the same with choosing our niche, domain name and building our website (online business). Because like above - if we do these things without planning then later it is painful to use them, we often have to redo and they're is still not what they should be.

Just my thoughts, maybe wrong but I have such feeling.

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Jackiex4 Premium
Such good advice. x
Freedomseekr Premium
Great post! Having a plan before starting something is definitely a way to save yourself a lot of grief in the long run. That way your not spending a lot of extra time redoing, and in the case above anyway, money.
lanesamarie Premium
Great analysis! planning ahead is what we need to succeed whether offline or online business. We need a business plan to go with it.
kaliinozarks Premium
Love it. I agree, planning a project in advance can save a lot of headaches.

Hudson Premium
Great analogy and super pictures, well done.