Adwords Express to Adwords

Last Update: June 25, 2016

I started trying out Adwords Express for one of my commercial websites and it did ok but thought I could boost it a little better! So I decided on Adwords.

The difference between Adwords Express to Adwords is that with Adwords Express it is an automatic set-up to keywords, relative to your niche, which you cannot change or choose yourself!

Adwords allows you to choose your own keywords and own bid on each keyword for your campaign!

Since I switched from Adwords Express to Adwords, the results have been much better, and I am spending the same amount!

Pleased with my switch!

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HarveyBrown Premium
Thank you Lisa.
GlenPalo Premium
Good to know, Lisa. Thanks!
Loubelle Premium
Thanks Lisa
JudeP Premium
Great share Lisa :)
JMJung Premium
Great info, Lisa. Much appreciated!