Check Your Affiliate Programs

Last Update: February 27, 2018

Hi fellow WAer. Just a quick heads up. I was in one of my affiliate networks the other day looking for a new affiliate program to advertise when much to my dismay I noticed that one of my affiliate programs, a credit offer, had decided to change my status from active to deactivated/inactive.

Not sure the reason, perhaps lack of activity, but I received no notice via email of this change. It was well over a week since it had been deactivated. I had their affiliate link on several posts, and I'm sure there was some traffic, and if anyone had clicked on any of these links, and decided to take advantage of any of their offers, I would have been SOL, if you know what I mean.

I quickly found another similar program to rep, and I deleted all the links of the old program, and replaced them with the new links.

I now periodically check all my programs, and links to be sure they are still active, and going to the right place.

Sure don't want to lose out on any affiliate commissions, and I sure don't want to send customers to programs that aren't at least informing me of these changes.

So, you might also want to do the same.

Rock on, and thanks for reading, Tom

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jtaienao Premium
Thanks Tom. I don’t check my links very often but now I will for sure.
Melissa901 Premium
Thank you for letting us know
kimwolfe Premium
Good reminder. Thanks!
AllanSiegel Premium
That's a great reminder for all of us. As an Amazon Associate, I get notices when there is little or no activity. If the program you are referring to doesn't support its affiliates with email notifications, then they're probably not worth being a part of.

Make it a great day!
ecomtom Premium
Very true Allan.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
thanks for the heads up