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Last Update: Nov 16, 2014


Hello everyone,

A while ago I submitted site map to Google and Bing. The End result was Bing said ok, Google said page not found, but I got stats till today. I am ranked with Google Page 1 Position 1; but they don't recognise sitemap? All of a sudden my stats stopped showing up?

Do I resubmit site map or start over?

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Great information via discussion. Thanks for a great post.

when you resubmit make sure you copy and paste sitemap.xml instead of typing it in that happened to me until I did this. Also make sure you deactivate the sitemap off of all in one and reactivate the Google sitemap plugin it works better.

Thank you Tommy, appreciate the help.

I'm going to try that, as can't get it to work either.

For some reason Google keeps rejecting my site map also, someone said it's to do with the all in one seo, don't know if it is or isn't as not been confirmed by anyone.

I guess we keep trying different suggestions.

I'm not big on this kind of stuff, but I wish you luck, Linda!

I would resubmit it

Thank you very Much Shawn. I will try that.

When I tried submitting my site map, I was doing it wrong and getting an error. I was putting the whole site URL in and you only need to enter: sitemap.xml
Then I had no error, not sure if this is relevant for you, but I thought I would mention it. :))

thank you, I'll double check that.

Sounds good, hope that helps. :))

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