New Strategy: $0 to $3000+ Per Month In 6 Months

Last Update: Sep 7, 2020


Hey, everybody. Been a while since I posted anything and wanted to share a new keyword strategy I discovered.

I decided to promote a new product in a new niche in January. I wrote about 35 to 50 reviews in this niche and by June I was making over $3,000+ per month:

What's crazy is the reviews I wrote to achieve this are only getting around 200 clicks per day.

They're just very relevant keywords to what I'm offering.

When promoting Wealthy Affiliate I was making arond $700 to $1000 per month with 2000 clicks per day. The traffic wasn't exactly relevant, though.

I achieved these results with a specific strategy .. Mainly reviewing ads from Instagram and Facebook.

What you do is go visit popular products in popular niches.

For example, let's say you're thinking about reviewing different stock trading or day trading programs.

Go visit some trading websites.

Almost immediately you'll start getting ads on Instagram and Facebook.

For example I just visited some trading sites and got hit with this ad:

This ad takes you to a website called 1450 club.

If you check Jaaxy you'll see the search term "1450 club review" gets 64 Avg and the QSR is 25, which makes it a great keyword.

Step 2 of this strategy is to find other websites that review these kinds of ads and programs.

For example, when looking up reviews of Instagram ads I found this website:

This website understands how powerful this strategy is and has been reviewing these programs for less than a year.

They're definitely making a few thousand, though.

Just create a list of websites reviewing these programs and start looking for keywords.

The reason this strategy works so well is a lot of these programs are brand new.

Sometimes they're so new they don't even show up in Jaaxy yet.

You can use Alexa to determine if a website is worth reviewing if it's not showing up in Jaaxy yet.

Here's what 1450 Club looks like in Alexa:

The beginning of the graph is June and the website was ranked 439,764. In just a few months it's ranked 88,139.

This means the creator is paying a lot in ads and is now getting hundreds of thousands of people visiting a month.

These people will be looking for reviews and that's where you come in.

What you're looking for is programs that are trending up in Alexa and are usually under 800,000 website rank.

I don't know if this strategy will work in every niche but it will work in popular ones with a lot of different programs (programs that are expensive too).

Hope this helps!


The "best of strategy" still works too. I got a message the other day from someone who is making $1000 per month in a competitive niche using best of posts. This was achieved in about a year.

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This is interesting Dylan, the only question I wanted to ask is whether you buy the program shown in the ad so that you can do a thorough review....

I want to do more reviews, but am stuck regarding how to go about getting the programs in the first place, without necessarily buying them first.

Especially if they are high ticket programs.

How do you deal with this?

Thank you very much for sharing this, Catherine.

Very helpful.

Hi Dylan, this is amazing. Thank you for sharing. A few questions if you don't mind. Also how does this get monetized. I just have the one site, health is my niche. Would you recommend starting a new site just for reviews. I do not do too many reviews and this is new territory. This seems like an awesome opportunity.

Best wishes,

thanks for sharing

First off, Thank you for this post! It is invaluable!

“They're just very relevant keywords to what I'm offering.”
“When promoting Wealthy Affiliate I was making arond $700 to $1000 per month with 2000 clicks per day. The traffic wasn't exactly relevant, though.”

I am curious as to why are your keywords more targeted now than before? Is that because you were new and now you are more “seasoned”?
Where did you get your new keywords? From the ad?
What did you do different that made the traffic more relevant?

Thank you!

Hi Dylan,

Thank you... I posted another question to you here down below.

Another question now... so this new strategy will work well on a MNO site? I just do a review on ads and my CTA is to come to Wealthy Affiliate for training?

Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your new strategy 🙏,


Yes.. you can definitely do it with a make money online site. Just funnel the reviews to a landing page with an affiliate link on it!

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