Month 2 Progress Report

Last Update: February 07, 2019

Alright so I'm officially 2 months into promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I've had some issues I've had to work out so far but things seem to be going alright.

I just want to say a few things before digging into the numbers

Wealthy Affiliate is BY FAR The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

After reviewing a bunch of courses on Clickbank my eyes are really open to how many scams truly are out there and how great Wealthy Affiliate is.

You should be grateful a place like this exists - great training, great community, great tools, great support. No other place is like this.


I usually don't get sick. Last time I was really sick was 8 years ago when I had walking pneumonia. The thing is when I get sick, I really get sick, though.

I got the flu in December and never felt worse in my life. I fully understand why people take precautions against the flu now. That knocked me out for about for about a week but I also developed an ear infection in this time.

The ear infection eventually ruptured my ear drum which set me back another 10 days or so. So I didn't get what I wanted to get done, done. I'm fully healed now and back to writing every day, though.

My Site Had Indexing Problems

For some reason my site couldn't make a sitemap - it just kept coming up blank. So I had to become a member of All in One SEO plugin to get the problem fixed (I probably should have just asked support here to fix the problem now that I'm thinking about it).

After this was solved I noticed about half my site had been crawled but Google chose not to index it (meaning it wasn't showing up in Google).

So I had to manually ask Google to recrawl and index in Webmasters and luckily now everything is indexed.

I'm guessing when the new sitemap was created some sort of error happened.

My Amazon Site Did Well

I made on average $2,000 from November to now with my Amazon site. It's winter focused, though, and sales will start winding down. I hired a full time Filipino writer and she will be handling my Amazon content now.

I Had $500 Waiting For Me From Wealthy Affiliate

It turns out through blogging on Wealthy Affiliate I had made $500 before even starting my website. I was just checking out the payout system and saw it there. Talk about a nice surprise!

I never set up my PayPal information to get payed and I guess it kind of accumulated.

My Wealthy Affiliate Site

I'll reveal my Wealthy Affiliate site later when it starts getting more traffic. For now these are the numbers for the two months I've been working on my site:

Total posts: 27 (4 info posts and 23 reviews)

Free referrals: 33 (I'll explain this below)

Premium sales: 3 (I earned $300 from this)

So I got so many free referrals basically in the last few days (about 25). I found a nice little strategy to get about 10 to 15 referrals a day for about $15 to $25 but I got blocked after about 36 hours. If I can figure out how to not got get blocked on this site (they don't allow affiliate offers) I'll share how to do it.

I'm pretty sure I got a yearly sign up from one of those referrals for $174. Also I got another yearly and 6 month membership in these two months too. I have no clue if they were from my site or from me blogging.

As far as organic traffic I'm getting basically zero (my little ad campaign got me around 200 people a day but again I got blocked).

I'm not really expecting traffic yet and especially after half my site wasn't indexed. June is when I'll start really focusing on traffic numbers and sales. Now it's all about pumping out content and reviews.

I would like to get 16 reviews done a month and about 2 to 4 lengthy info articles. If I can do that, I think I'll be alright.

As my numbers start to increase I'll give out more tips and hints about what I do. I want to wait, though, until I can really focus on what's working and what isn't.

I may get into more paid traffic, particularly solo ads. If I do I'll keep you up to date on how they work.

Thanks for reading and hope you learned something new from this.

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feigner Premium
sounds like it is coming on.
glad you are fully recovered now
look into natural remedies for flu - better yet preventing it through the flu season. a lot better for you than the flu vaccine.
could you use a redirection page - with a delay page saying your freebie offer is coming via email link then go on to 'a before ou go i thought you might be intersted in this' page to wa? will that get aroun the affiliate link??
i am sure there is a plugin for that!! :))
it will take time to gain traction in this field but it will get there eventually.
have fun
Jeff213 Premium
As always, thank you for sharing

rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing Dylan.
BenjisDad Premium
To solve your affiliate link and getting blocked problem simply drive people to a squeeze page and collect email addressess rather than puting an affiliate link there. That way you can market to people after you get that email address and most places wInt ban you.

So basically you buy traffic and you’re getting the leads rather than sending people to the affiliate offers
dylanrieger Premium
That makes a lot of sense. I might have to make a new one page squeeze page website promoting Wealthy Affiliate (my website will probably be flagged now)

Thanks for the tip!
CandP Premium
Yes, we always learn something new from you. Thanks for sharing it!
Sorry, you got so sick, what a bummer! A ruptured eardrum, wow! Hope you are feeling much better now.
Hiring a Filipina writer is a great idea. We will be doing that as well in due course.
We have found we really have to sift through Clickbank to find good products. Gotta be so careful there.
Best of luck to you!
C & P