10 Examples Of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Last Update: February 06, 2017

The most important thing you can do as an internet marketer (besides following the training here at Wealthy Affiliate) is to study successful niche marketing websites. You can get a lot of ideas from doing this and use it to improve your own website.

Here are 10 examples of different websites I've found in several different markets. You'll notice they have a lot of similarities and most focus on individual reviews, best of lists with the year in them (my favorite kind of content which earns me thousands), and how to articles. All content is very in depth too.

Pillow Niche

The first website I would like you to look at is http://www.bpillow.com/. This website focuses exclusively on pillows. They write individual reviews, best of lists and tips on getting better sleep. How much traffic does this website get?

Last month they got 140,000 visitors! If I had to guess this person is making at least $10,000 a month. I made $2350 last month with 14,000 visitors. If I had Bpillow's traffic I would have made $23,500 last month.

Guitar Niche

The next website I want you to look at is http://www.guitarfella.com/. This guy focuses on reviewing different guitars, guitar lessons and guitar accessories (like pedals and amps).

How much traffic does this guy get?

This websites gets 269,000 visitors a month - this guy is easily making $20,000 and probably more.

Outdoor Niche

Another excellent website is http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/. This person reviews different gear for outdoor activities (hiking, snow sports, biking, camping).

Are you ready to see this website's traffic?

2.6 million visitors PER MONTH - I believe this person is making 100k a month off this website. He writes very in depth reviews, comprehensive best of lists and how to articles. That's exactly what's taught here at WA. The domain is 4 years old so that's how long it took this person to become a millionaire. 4 years isn't too long.

Food Dehydrators

Here's an example of a smaller website that you could easily set up in a few months http://www.greendehydrators.com/

This website gets between 50,000 and 25,000 clicks a month - not bad for just 45 or so pieces of content. It looks like they haven't updated content in a few years either. This person is likely making at least $2,000 a month for the last few years without adding content.

Weed Niche

https://www.bestgrinder.net/ this website focuses on weed and primarily devices to grind weed up. Pretty simple idea right?

This person gets between 60,000 and 25,000 visitors a month and likely makes thousands each month too.

Gaming Niche

https://www.bestgrinder.net/ this person reviews all things gaming (keyboards, gaming chairs, headphones, etc).

It looks like a pretty simple site right.. until you look at its traffic numbers: https://www.similarweb.com/website/highgroundgamin...

260,000 visitors per month! I'm guessing this person makes over $25,000 a month - most likely more. My website would earn $50,000 a month with those traffic numbers.

Fish Tank Niche

http://homeaquaria.com/ This person focuses exclusively on fish tanks and fish accessories.

I know you're probably thinking this person isn't getting traffic in this niche.. check out the traffic numbers: https://www.similarweb.com/website/homeaquaria.com...

They bounce between 250,000 visitors and 300,000 visitors. This is another person making 5 figures every month.

Lawn Care

Here we have another website you could easily copy: http://weedeaterguides.com/

There's not too much content and this person gets around 60,000 visitors when lawn care is in season -March to September. Traffic really, really dips in winter but for 6 months out of the year this person is likely making around 5k a month.

Water Bottles

Surely you can't make a profitable website based solely on water bottles and hydration right??? https://hydrationanywhere.com/ this website does.

Check out the traffic: https://www.similarweb.com/website/hydrationanywhe...

Between 100,000 and 50,000 visitors a month. I'm guessing this person makes 5k a month and possible more.

Water Faucets

Here's another water related website and this one focuses on faucets. http://www.faucetassistant.com/

Again this is a website you could make in a few months if you buckle down. This person gets between 30,000 and 15,000 visitors a month. I"m guessing they make a few thousand a month.

You Can Easily Make A Profitable Website

There are people making thousands a month off water - WATER!. Some people make millions a year by simply writing best of lists, individual reviews, and how to articles.

You can literally make money off anything. If you're struggling study these websites and see what they're doing right. If you get an idea for a website don't hesitate. Do it and follow the lead set forth by these profitable websites.

I know you can do this!

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Mark1957 Premium
Great post Dylan, excellent for a little impetus when needed!
dylanrieger Premium
Thanks for the comment Mark.. it's amazing how many different markets there are to make money
Crittercraft Premium
OMG I really needed to see that today! I have what I thought was a super small niche on guinea pigs but I see that anything is possible!!! I was starting to get discouraged :)
dylanrieger Premium
Nice, that's a great niche! You can write about cages, food, bedding, and other.. maybe you can had hamster and other little creature products to your website
jvranjes Premium
I wonder which tool you use to check the traffic of these sites. I am asking because Semrush is giving me 6 times more traffic than Google Analytics and I wonder what is going on.
dylanrieger Premium
I use similarweb.com.. it's not perfect but it'll give you a good ball park.. similarweb actually gives me less traffic than what I get in real life.
jvranjes Premium
I just checked my site there, everything I see is wrong (as compared to GA of course), bounce rate 2 times smaller, average visit time 3 times smaller, traffic 2 times smaller. So what to believe?
These are exactly the type of websites I want to create. So many ideas circling in my head. I guess I just have to be patient and build slowly piece by piece. Great topic, thanks for posting this!
dylanrieger Premium
No problem! There's a million different niche ideas you can profit from
jvranjes Premium
Outdoorgearlab is not a person, this is a huge group.
dylanrieger Premium
I wasn't aware of that.. I"m guessing it still makes millions a year though.. so those involved are profiting.
jvranjes Premium
I do not know, and have no idea when they write their reviews as they are obviously all the time in mountains.