2 Years premium with WA!

Last Update: June 20, 2017

Wow, time flies!

I have learned so much as a premium Member here at WA - I couldn't imagine life without it.

I don't blog here much at WA, but I try to keep up the work on my website and put out new content as often as possible.

I work full time from home which means I have more time to focus on things, that is, when my Amazon business isn't keeping me busy at least anyway!

How long have you been a Premium member at WA? Was it a decision you made wholeheartedly and for life?

To me, WA feels like a lifelong work, I wouldn't have it any other way!


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RoseAnn1234 Premium
I joined a bit over a year ago. Haven't always been able to spend much time here or elsewhere online but trying to remedy that
AlanJE Premium
Hi Dave, I joined in September 2017, just over a year ago, and it was the best internet related thing which I have done, I hope to carry on for quite a while yet, Best Alan
Vickic3 Premium
Congratulations Dave and I to feel this is my lifelong journey even though I am 60 already lol
Still got another 30 in me I hope lol
All the best and success to you along the way
VeronicasLuv Premium
That's amazing, Dave! I'll make my 1st year in September! I never even heard of the term affiliate marketing before, but that 1st free week got me instantly!
dragolith Premium
Nice work!
Emeolu Premium
Very good.